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Bev. W. K. Puffer Of EichfQi-d, Vt. B Vote for Hood's Forty Years in the Ministry Rheumatisnv, Dyspepsia and Insomnia-Great Benefit From Hood's Sarsaparilla. " I have been taking Hood's Sarsaparilla for four or five months, and am satisüed that it is a very excellent remedy. I have been troubled with rheumatism more or less for a nuinber of years. My back and hips, ancl indeed my whole body at times, have been afflicted. The rheumatism has been especially severe in my right arm between the elbow and shoulder, which has been so lame that I sometimes feared I Should Lose the Use of t entirely. I was in this condition when I began to take Hood's Sarsaparilla, but I had not taken more than a bottle or two when I began to feel better, and when I had taken four bottles, my rheumatism had entirely left me. I have been more free from rheumatism this season than for years. Besides the rheumatism, I, like Hood's s Cures many others of sedentary habits - for I have been a minister of the Methodist Episcopal church forty years - have been troubled with dyspepsia, but while taking the medicine my Appetite has Been Cood, food digested well and I have gained several pounds. I have also been troubled with insomnia, but since taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, sleep much better." Kev. W. E. Puffer, Kichford, Vt. N. B. Be sure to get Hood's Sarsaparilla. HOOD'8 PILL8 cure llver ills, constipatlon, bUiouaness, j auudice, aick beadache, indigestión. r5 " It makes me s y. i i red.' Peopleask KsT-K3 me - is marriage vXy-o5 afailure? Of -y cour se 't'aüit ; ==?_ KyT s'pose I don't fPCf 1 know my biz - " I what am I here f i, t for?" IfthewoV' 1 X men only keep V healthy they keep !A in good spirits f ƒ t aud cupid is in ( J dernand Let V VÍ- J o ver y enfeebled JNtt' Jg woman know this JSF alË - there's a remedy -s=í" that'll cure her, " the proof's positive. It does what is promised. Here's the proof- if it doesn't do you good within reasonable tune, report the fact to its makers and get your money back without a word - but you won't do it ! The remedy is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription - and it bas proved itself the right remedy in nearly every case of female weakness. It is not a miracle. It won't cure everything - but it has done more to buüd up enfeebled and broken-down women than any other medicine known. Sufferera from Pilt s should know that the Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly and effectually remove every trace of them. Any druggist will get it for you. Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria.


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