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Special teachers' examination at Ann Arbor today. Frank Merrithew, of Sharon, is busy selling wire-fencing. The Manchester Epworth League is rapidly gaining in membership. The democrats of Manchester should be out and hustling, Monday. The Columbian Dramatic club, of Chelsea, cleared $80 at its entertainment. The Goodyear House, in Manchester, has been sold to Mr. Little, of St. Paul. A. D. Bennett is now the owner of the Fowlerville Observer. Success to him. The confirmation class tn Emanuel church, Manchester, last Sunday numbered 32. John Breitenwischer and .Miss Carrie Hegge, of Freedom, were married March 22. Miss Clara Schumacher died ín Bridgewater, March 18, of heart disease, aged nineteen. Miss Agnes McKune, of Chelsea, has an appointment as clerk in the census office at Lansing. Chelsea village spent $2,823.82 last year, of which $1,080.73 was raised by direct village tax. The house of Thomas Vreeland, of South Manchester, caught fire recently and came near burning up. Charles Peppitt has been nominated by the democrats of Augusta for supervisor, while the republicans head their ticket with Samuel Bivins. In Dexter township, the democrats nominated Tom McQuillan for supervisor, Michael McGuire, clerk, Clifton Greene, treasurer, and James McCabe for highway commisíioner. There were 93 votes cast at the caucus. The democrats of Freedom have nominated the following township ticket: Supervisor, M. P. Alber; clerk, Henry Kuhl; treasurer, Frank Renán; justice; Jacob Knapp; school inspector, Frank Dettling; highway commissioner, William Beurele. The Democrats of Manchester, Saturday, nominated Benjamin Chase for supervisor; William Koebbe, clerk; Erastus Logan, treasurer; James Kelly and Mart Case, iustices of the peace; Fred Schaible, liighway commissioner. The Repu llicans have nominated William Burtless for supervisor; E. Root, clerk; Mr. Loucks, treasurer; S. H. Perkins, justice; Frank Stout, highway commissioner. The democrats of Superior nominated the following excellent ticket Wednesday : Supervisor, Peter 'T. Gill; clerk, Elijah Strang; treasurer, Justin Gale; highway commissioner, Oliver Twist; board of review, John J. Rooke; school inspector, Fred Smith; justice, Hamilton Collins; constables, AndrewGale, B.T. Geer, A. J. Houston, George Dolby. The following committee was appointed: Peter T. Gill, Elijah Strang, and Justin Gale.


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