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Mrs. M. Story s suffering with Ia grippe. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ballou, a daughter. Mrs. A. Voorheis spent Friday with her friend. Will Story was in Pinckney on business, Saturday. Mr. Rogers was with friends in Pinckney, recently. Mrs. M. Robins is entertaining her friend for a short time. G. W. Carpenter made a flying trip to Pinckney, Tuesday. Miss Eva Hill entertained her friend Saturday and Sunday. Bere Eves is home, after a month's stay with relatives in Wayne. Byron McCaulay and son were with friends here last Friday. Will Butler, of Detroit, was on our streets one day last week. Frank Fields, of Grand Ledge, was with relatives here last week. Mrs. P. Lavey was the guest of friends in South Putnam, Friday. Miss Maude Hooker spent Saturday and Sunday with the Carpenters. Little Miss Guidon has, been the guest of her grandparents for a few days. Z. Burr has been entertaining his brother from Plymouth for several days. Mrs. E. Elsasser, of Ann Arbor, was the guest of her parents last week. Miss J. Sharpey bas openedamilünery shop over Alley & Son's store. Dr. Lee and Mr. M. S. Cook were with friends in Detroit, recently. Mr. Ernest Stanton, accompanied by a lady friend, was on our streets Sunday. J. H. Murdock now occupies part of the Keal store with a füll line of; jewelry. Mrs. Joseph Bowler spent Sunday with her daughter Mrs. T. Walsh, in Podunk. P. Sloan and lady friend were with relatives in Putnam the last of the week. A. Barber has returned, after several weeks' visit with his daughter at Willis. Dave Bogg, of Lansing, has been here the past few days looking after old friends. Mr. and Mrs. John Pidd and family entertained friends the first of the week. Mr. E. Stabler and son, of Four Mile Lake, were Sunday guests of friends here. John Ledwedge and family, of Hamburg, are movingonhis motherin-law's farm. Miss Agnes Cope, of Ypsilanti, will begin teaching in district No. 3 next Monday. Miss Myrta Taylor spent Saturday and Sunday with her friend near Pinckney. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Chamberlain were Sunday visitors of her father at North Lake. Ed. Eves and family have had the pleasure of entertaining relatives from Flat Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Davis entertained her parents from Stony Creek part of last week. Mrs. Harris Carpenter has been entertaining her friend from abroad the past few days. Mr.' and Mrs. Frank Carpenter and children spent Sunday with her parents in Webster. Byron Hopkiñs and family have rented the S. Taylor farm and moved in part of the house. Miss Bertha Spooner had a grand display of millinery goods at the opening last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rogers enter:ained some of their friends from Pinckney over Sunday. Some of the Dexter sports have aeen at the lakes for a few days gathering up the game. Mr. and Mrs. A. Reid, of Grand Rapids, took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. P. Guinon, Sunday. Wm. Cobb, sr., is talking of trading his farm here for property in the village of Stockbridge. Dr. R. B. Honey has purchased a horse, and will now be ready to attend calis from the country. Mrs. Wm. Stevens, of Stockjridge, has been spending a few days with her many friends here. Austin Goodwin, of Ann Arbor, was the guest of his .most intímate "riend the latter part of the week. Miss S. Carpenter returned home, Saturday, after a week's stay with "riends at Stockbridge and Pinckney. The junior Epworth League gave a pop corn and candy social in tlte M. E. church parlors. Wednesday evening. The remains of Michael Reid were taken from the váult and buried in the Catholic cemetery here on Monday. Will Taylor, who has been quite sick vvith la gríppe, is slowly recov ering and will soon be able to be out again. Mr. Galligan, of Salem, passec here Monday, moving his goods to Marbles Corners, where he has gone to work a farm . James Lyman, a former Dexter farmer, but later a resident o Pinckney, will move to our village and engage in the butchering business. We hope that all the democrats will be at the polls election day anc cast a vote for our next democratie icircuit judge. O. E. Wagner, of the Stenographic Institute at Ann Arbor, gave an interesting talk to some of our young people on shorthand and typewriting, last Saturdayafternoon, at B. C. Whitaker's home.


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