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The County Committee's Address

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Ann Albor, Miel)., March 27, 1893. Tothe Demoi'i'acy of Washtenaw: I address you as Democrats, who rejoiee at our great victory of last f all, vvhich was won by the hard, earnest work of good Democrats like yourseïves. Old Washtenaw, with her glorious Democratie majority, pulled in line in good shape. We have this spring an opportuuity to place Michigan beside tríe other Democratie states of the west. The Democracy of the state look to Washtenaw for a rousinp majority. The county eominittee feels that it can look to you for active and efficiënt help in this good work. We have an excellent State ticket, composed of much bettermen than the Republican candidates; yet we hear of very few Republicans in tliis county who intend voting for any of our candidates, no matter how superior to theirown. Theu afc us, however, toforget that we ave Democrats, and to vote for their candidate for Circuit Judge. If we presented a poor candidate they might have some reason for asking this; but our candidate for Circuit Judge, Edward R. Gilday, is one of the leading lawyeis of Monroe county, a gentleman of good sound judgment, well versed in the law, and equal in e very respect to the Republican j date. These same Republicans who ask this, in their party convention this spring, denounced the Democratie party in the bitterest terms. Tliey ask Democratie votes because tliey know it is )iot alone a Circuit Judge that V at stake. The defeat of the Democratie candidate mean s the loss of this congressional district at the next election. The Republicans know this and are doing everythiug to accompli sh this result. As loyal Democrats we ovve it to the Democrats of our sister county of Monroe to pull true for our candidate. Therefore I lutge upon you the impori;ance of proving at this juncture that Washtanaw has a reliable Democratie majority, that her voters cannot be bamboozled by the roorbacks of our Republican lïiends. The reputation of Washtenaw Democracy is at stake. Let her roll up a rousing majority for Edward R. Gilday. 1 trust that I can rely upon your help at this time. 1 1 you know of any wa vering Democrats send their names to me at once. Use your inüuence with them, and see that the vote is out. Thanking you for the good Democratie work, 1 i'eel that I can rely npon your doing your duty at this time. I remain, truly yours, Jh' rn Cöunty ('om.


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