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Religion In South America

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Sunday morning at chapel, Prof. Steere spoke on the Religious Condition of South America. As he has spent two years in that country, his remarks were formed upon personal observations. South America has a population of 32,000,000. The whites, of Spanish and Portuguese descent, form one-fourth, and the Indians and negros three fourths. The latter, who are very ignorant and superstitious, are Catholics. The whites seem to have outgrown this form of religión and, nothing else offering, have adopted the atheism of France and Germany. From such conditions results a general laxity óf moráis. Missionaries have made little progress because the better classes, through indifference, and the others, through ignorance, feel no need of change. Some other way must be found. These pepple distrust European nations, and since they have adopted our form of government, we must help them. Yet we send them as representative Americans, secondrate politicians and corrupt men as ministers. In order that their republics may be saved liom destruction through immorality, we must send the Christian citi.en upon whom our republic rests. Thus the gospel may reach them from without, still that it may be truly effective it must come also from within. This can be achieved only through schools. In education lies the cure of the immorality and atheism of South America.


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