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They Object To Cold Mutton

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What, I wonder, is the reason of the intense aversión to cold mutton cherished by certain classes of the community? Is it possible that Dickens, with his grini picture of the squalid rations dealt out to the poor little marchioness by Miss Salís' Brass, has had anything to do with the unpopularity of this particular article of food? Whatever be the cause, there can be no doubt about the fact, and most housekeepers will recognize in the protest of the sweep's man who objected iiiia London court to the action of his master in offering him cold mutton f or dinner an echo of a staple and recognized complaint froin the servants' hall. The odd thing is that no one, servant or otherwise, ever thinks of objecting to cold beef. It is only mutton in its frigid state that is held to be, in some niysterious way, derogatory to the dignity of its consnmer. The comic papers, in days of yore, used to connect cold mutton and "washing day" together, and it is perhaps to this fact that the survival of this


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