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S. C. A. Election

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This week's annual election of the Student's Christian Association was characterised by a good deal of spirit. Fully 200 members were present. Two candidates were anxious to be president: A. J. Ladd and E. F. Hall. The ballot résulted 122 to 72 in favor of Mr. Ladd. The remaimng officers elected were the following: E.F. Hall and Miss Jessie Phillips, general vice-presidents; department vice-presidents, O. L. Roberts and E. D. Day, literary; Mr. H. D. Haskins and Miss F. T. Weed, medical; Miss E. S. Pettit and A. T. Ruble, homeopathie; W. C. Hartman, law; Miss Grace McNoah, pharmic; H. M. Bridgman and Miss Tarson, dental; recording secretary, Miss C. Pickett; memberseip secretary, Geo. Tupper; corresponding secretary, F. A. Manny; treasurer, Mr. Gilchrist; assistant treasurer, Miss Anna Richards; missionary treasurer, J. W. Parker; assistant missionary treasurer, Miss M. Blount; librarían, C. H. Covell; chorister, F. A. Sager; organist, P. W. Dykema. The election of Bulletin editors résulted in the selection of D. F. Wilcox, F. A. Manny, C. T. Purdy, L. A. Pratt, Miss Nettletonand Miss Everhart.


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