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Her Chat With The Emperor

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Mrs. Flyer had just returned from Europe. Of course the "Woman's club" was eagerly watching for her arrival, and just as soon as she got back a reception was tendered to her. The room was crowded, and Mrs. Flyer became the ■center of a group of interested listeners. Everybody wanted to know just what she had done and how she had done it, whether she got her gloves and silks in all right, etc. At last Miss Perkii said, "And did you go to Berlin?" "Oh, yes. And really I did have the most delightful time. I was at a reception one night and met the emperor." There was a silence. The magnitude of the thing astonished the club. But curiosity conquered, and Mrs. Flyer went on: "Yes, he was there with all his offlcers, and I did have such a delightful conversation with him." "Oh, teil us about it. Did you talk long?" "No, you see my Germán isn't very good, and I was a little bit flustered, so I only asked him a question or two." "And what did you say?" "Oh, I just smiled and said 'Sprechen sie Deutscli?' " - Boston Budget.


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