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Comforts And Dangers

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Many of the comforts of modern life can only be enjoyed at the risk of serious accidents. Leaking gas pipes cause explosions, and the death roll for which that new agent, electricity, is responsible is already considerable. Each severe frost brings its erop of boiler accidents. ParafSn lamps continue to explode. Every day or every night there are fires, many of which lead to frightful accidents and often death. The large masses of people gathered together in a huge city like this are exposed to constant attacks from those insidiotis eneuiies, the bacteria. The dust and soot and fog f oster these eneniies of human life. The ground under London is honeycombed with drainage pipes, large and small, rueasuring thousands of miles. Each mile of drain is charged, sometimes at high pressure, with poisons Bufficient to kill hundreds of the healthiest men. It is enough to make us shudder to think that only a few f eet divide us from a gigantic, death dealing octopus. So that it appears if we give up traveling we run an almost equal peril in staying at


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