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Savages Who Know Little Arithmetic

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In Galton's "Tropical South África" it is stated that the Dammaras use no term beyond three. and that when they wish to express f our they take to their fingers. Beyond five they eanrot count at all. It is seldom, howe-, er, that they jlosein a bargain through their inability to count. When bartering, each sheep or oxen, or whatever they ma y be selling, must be "paid f or separately. If this rate of exchange were at the rate of two sticks of tobáceo i'or one sheep, it would greatly puzzle a Dammara to accept f our sticks for two sheep. Galton says that he several times paid them in that way, and that the Dammara forthwith set aside two sticks for one of the sheep, and even when he found that he had two sticks left foi the other sheep he still had bis doubts as to the genuineness of the transaction and was not satisfied until two sticks were put into his hand und one sheep driven away, and then another two sticks given to him for the other sheep.


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