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His Sisters And Mother

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■When I was a boy of six yeárs, I woke up with a start one morning-, and at the f oot of my bed was one of my sisters, who at the time wasmarried and lived in New York. I spoke to her, but she did not answer. I got up at once and started to finder, as I thought she would have some candy for me. I found my mother in the kitchen, whom I told of seeing my sister. My mother told me I had been dreaming. but the next day we received word that she was dead, and had died about the same hour I had seen her. White I lived in Troy, X. Y.. at the Troy house, in 1857. I was visited by another sister. She carne into the house, as I thong-ht, to see me. Mr. ( i .iiing-, then book-keeper, called me. T turned to answer him, and again .started to meet my sister, but she was not there. That evening I received a dispatch that she was dead. Mr. Corning still lives in Troy, and I think can remember me as a bell boy at that time. After Troy I was employed by a Mr. Beverly Robinson of Staten Island. One night as I was on my way to Stapleton on a message, I met my motner. lt close to a lig-ht, I reeognized her at once. I spoke, but she made no answer. The next day he passed awa-y. I would like some one to try to explain why I can see these people, they miles from me.


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