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Gave Maria A Lesson

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Evidently there is no servant girls' protective union in London, or, if there is, the woman mentioned below did not to it. Think of such a thing to one of our own servant girls! A Germán merchant in London has a servant who at first was very forgetful. This fault was especially'J annoying, at meal times, when something essential was sure to be laeking f rom the table. One day the family were seated at the table, and the bell was rang as usuaL The gii-1 hurried to the diningroom. "Maria' said Herr B- , "just run and fetch the big step-ladder down from the attic and bring it here." Maria, who had been disturbed at her dinner, gave a gruntof dissatisfaetion. but ran up the three flights of ■stairs to fetch down the ladder. In about five minutes she returned to the room, panting with her exertion. "Xow," said Herr B- , "put it up at fchat ond of the room and climb to the top." Maria did as she was told, and when she was at top Herr B - quietly observed: 'Maria, jou have now got a better view than we have; just look round and teil us if you can see any salt on the table. My wife and I could not find it." This settled the business. Maria has never forgotten the lessoru


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