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Lebanon, N. II. As your correspondent I communicate the fdllowing remarkable story exactly as it carne l'rom the lady's own lips. Everybody iu Lebanon. N.H., knowsMrs. S. E. Berry well; indeed highly respected resident here. The story is one which particuJarly interest i-fiveryone at this season. "I was in a very bad way; such trembling in my arms and limbs, and my heart was just i'rightful. and those terrible sweeping chillsand trembling in my limlis made me expecta shock orto lose the use of th&m eoinpleU-ly. "I could not sleap nights because my heart would palpitHe and the chilla or shaking would follow, and 1 could do but very little of anything. "1 could not sit np all day.but had 1o lie down a great deal. and ' my nerves were very weak aml of no use. Why, I could not bear any nolsë. "There was a terrible pain in my head, with burning both sides of the head and I was aimost a complete wreek oí my former self. "No one had any hopes of my being better. My doctor ordered a change of everything, but I was not equal to moving anywhere, indeed could not walk any to speak of, only drag about from one room to another. "And such dull, heavy feelings,as if I was about to meet soine awfui doom. All the time I was depressed in mind and spirits and could not cheer up. "My liver was swollen so 1 could not rest imless hot applications were used on my side, and my kidneys were very bad. "In my despair, I began the use of Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, and I will say that this wonderful medicine is the geatest blessing that ever came into a l'amily. "It has done pertoct wonders ior me. I v ; soon on tbc rjg-ht road to health and strength by its íise. and I am juininsr i very day. Alter takingtwobottles I cuuld do more work thati I had for over a year, and uow I do íj 11 my housework and all rny sewirsg. I can walk vigorously, indeed have walked as far as ñve miles in an afternoon. Yes it is true, you can ask anyone here. "I can novv eat beíter than over, am strong again and havegot back most of my former looks and good color. "I am a wonder to cverybody who knows how weak and low 1 wasbefore usingthis remedy. Our doctor met me a few days ago and said that I was doing wouderfully, that my eyes were bright and that 1 looked well. "Oh, words are useless: icannot tell how ni uch I prize this great and blessed medicine, all my family JQin me in one loud chorus in saying, God bless this great health giying remedy! I havi told every one of my friends, far and near, and you see they cannot. help believing for hëre I ama living wítness to show what has been done for me." Can anything be added to this? Thesick and suffering should certainly use so marvellous a health giver as this great remedy appears to be. Especially should all use it now for it is the most excellent of all spring medicines to invigoratethe blood.strengthen the nerves and regúlate all the organs. It is purely vegetable and harmless, and druggists keep it for 81 per bottle. Doctors recomrnend and prescribe it because it is the discovery and prescriptionof an eminent physician, Dr. Greene of 32 W. 14th Street, New York, the successtul specialist in curing all forma of nervous aud chronic diseases. The Doctor can be consulted f ree, personally or bv letter.


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