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When Choosing A Wife

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If I were asked by a young man or a young woman how to be guided in the choice of a life mate, I should, in the exercise of a judgment based on wide and studions observation, say: Choose that person who, after a reasonable period of association, proves to be most companionable. This broad law comprehends neai-ly all others that can be suggested. It were infinitely better to be single through life than marry one who would not answer to this condition. Speaking somewhat narrowly and selfishly, contentment is the most that can be got out of life, and when a contented couple is found it will also be discovered that they exhibit manifestly opposite characteristics of temperament, habit. taste and physique. It is npon this flxed foundation that happy affinities are formed. It is an important doctrine in medical jurisprndence that "like cures like" - v;óich is only another way for saying tliat like kills like - and it is equally true in tito social realm that companionship is not feit between young men and ycung women who are closely similar iíi general appearances or disposition, On the contrary, it arises and leads to happy unions between persons who are often


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