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The First American Bible

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In 1663 the firstBïble pi-intedin.yUnerica was published in Cambridge. It was unlawful to print an English versión of the Sciriptures, that right being a monopoly enjoyed by privilege and patent in Éngland. The one priñted in Massachusetts was Eliot's fainous "Indian Bible," and although 1,500 copies wei struck off they are quite rare, arïl "sealed books," as the tongtie in whiah they are written is literally a "dead la:aguage," the tribe and all who had a knowledge of the dialect being long eatinct. Eliot's work is unique, being at once a monument to his piety, persevenmce aiid learning. lts literary suocessor Vi'as Newman's "Concordance af the Scriptures." This was compiled by the light of pinO knots in a log cabmin Qê of the frontier settlements of Massachusetts. It was the flrst of its kind, and for more than a century was admdtted to be the most perfect, holding its place in public esteem nntil supersede1 by Cruden's, which it uggested.


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