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Jackson, M;rch 28.- K. Irving Latimer, a life eunvict who as sent to pnson trom tbis city tor the murder of his niother on January ■)ed from the prison early Monday morning. Oí late Latimer had been allowed to go out of his cell by the captain of the night guard, M. P. jílü, and had been in the habit of furnishing the night gucrd lemonade, coffee, chocolate and other delicacies. On Sunday night Capt. Glll unlocked his cell about 9 oclock and looi; hitn to the hall-master's office, where Latiraer made soma lemonade. After drinking it the captain became deathly sick. George W. Iliiight was keeper of the guardroom, and he had just sat down to his midnient lunch hcn he teil to the fioor in a fit and dted soon after. It transpires that Latimer had been in the habit oí taklng up a cup of chocolate nearly evory niirlit to Ilaigiu, passing it through a xlide in the grating. There is no doubt Latiraer had planned to poison both Haicht and GUI, and the chocolate at night was only to gain confldence untü he could get some poison. At lunch Sunday night Latimer earried up a glass of leinonade to Haight instead of the chocolate, and Haight died in tweuty minutes after drinking it. La timer, after GUI was taken slok, went up to the guardroom where the gate keeper was lying in a stupor, secui-ed the keys to the west cell block and to the outside gate. On the pretense of going to cali physicians he went out th door and disappeared. A posse of about 200 men is scouring the country, but as yet no trace of Mm has been found. Latiiner has for some time occupied the cell nearest the door to the guardroom, and it is stated that for some time he has been allowed certain privileges by Capt. GUI not accorded to the other convicts, and on several occasions lately he has been permitted to take luncheon with Capt. Gill in the lower corridor. Sunday night about 9 o'dock I-atimer and Gill had their lunch, and it is not shown that the prisoner was ever in his cell after that time. About 12 o'clock, after having drank several glasses of lemonade prepared by Latimer, Gill was taken sick. Keeper Rice and Latimer took care of him. Soon afterward a noise oí a heavy fa.ll and the rattling of dishes was hèard in, the guardroom above. Latimer took the captain' s keys, and, it was supposed, rushed up to see what was the matter. Rice claims to have gone to the guarciroom with Latimer, but this is thought to be impossible uncler the circumstances. Instead of going for help he unlocked the door of the guardroom, passed through the gates and was free. He took the prison keys with him. He had neither coat nor hat. The prison authorities have offered a reward for Latimer, dead or alive. Those who know him say thftre is not one chance in a thousand of ever taking him alive. There is the most intense excitement, and hundreds of men are searching the city and surrounding country. Telegrams have been sent all over the state, and it seems impossible that he can escape.


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