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The election, Monday, was a tiotly contested one in this city and a large vote, for a spring election was cast. The vote at noon was exceedingly light but a determined effort on the part of both parties iu the aftemoon succeeded in bringing out a large vote. The Australian ballot system prevented an inkling of the result from getting out uu til the slow procesa of counting the votes began. A great deal of scratching was indulged in, inany voters remaining in the booths for Bfteen ; minutes. A much larger number of íspoiled ballets were found this year tlian last. In fact in the lirst ward there were 9 unmarked city ballots and 20 unmarked state. In the second ward there were 30 unmarked ballots, and in the third ward 37. The Democrats had noininated one of tlie clean est I men in the city, Eugene G. Manu for mayor, and natnrally expected snccess. The greatest work was put in on the Republican-Municipal Club-ProhibiI tion combination, which had made a I shrewd move by putting up a crat, Prof. B. M. Thompson, to head their ticket. Col. Thompson made a good run and received many Democratie votes. Mr. Mann, though defeated, made a good run under adverse circumstances and received many Republican votes. The city went llepublican on the state ticket. Witli the Prohibitiunists and Municipal Club memoere voting with the Eepublicans, it could hardly be expected todootherwiseon the city ticket. Mr. Mann made a line run in his home ward, the first, as did Col. Thompson in his home wan], the sixth. The majorities for Thompson were asfollovvs: First ward, 48; fourth, 24: sixth, }.. The majorities for Mann were: Second, 165; third, 32; fifth, 9; leaving Thompson's majority in the city 43. The vote by wards was as follows: Mann. Thompson. First ward 208 251 Second ward 269 104 Third ward .192 160 Fourth ward . 151 175 Fifth ward 70 61 Sixth ward 61 243 Total 951 994 Thompson's majority... 43 W. W. Watts made a big run for president of the eouribil considering thebaddaj Lt was for the Demócrata and pulled in by 16 majority. He carried the following wards: Second, 156; third, 46; fourth, 25; fifth, 13; while Aid. Levi D Wines carrted the first by 62, and the sixth by 162. The vote was as follows: Watts. - Wines. First ward 1 96 258 Second ward L61 105 Third ward 194 148 Fourth ward... 170 145 Fifth ward 69 56 Sixth ward 70 232 Total 960 944 Watts' majority 16 Nobody expected to beat City Clerk Miller and so his majority is no larger than 55. Although, if good ofücials deserve to be complimented with second terms, he deserved a still stronger testimonial. Miller, however, leads his ticket, carrying four wards as follows: Second, 167; third,44; fourth, 20; flfth, 19. Mills, who made such a gallant fight, carried the first by 47 and the sixth by 148, as follows: Miller. . Mills. First ward 201 248 Second ward 267 íoo Third ward 193 149 Fourth ward 167 147 Fifth ward 72 53 Sixth ward 77 225 Total 977 922 Miller 's majority 55 For the first time Justice Butts struck an off day in his careeras a runner, but he has done so well in the past that there is no doubt of the good will the people have for him. Justice John W. Bennett has 122 majority, carrying three wards, first, 92; fourth, 21: sixth, 169; while Mr. Butts carried the second by 132, the third by 24, and the fifth DJ 4. Butts. Bennett. First ward 178 270 Second ward 24S 116 Tfiird ward 183 159 Fourth ward:.. 146 167 Fifth ward.--l 60 62 SixthwartL 6S 237 Total SS9 1,011 Bennett's majority 123 Patrick O'Hearn again proved his popularity by reeeiving the greatest majority of the day, carrying the city by 1,912, and the various wards as follovvs: First, 473; secoud, 366; thinl, 387; fourth, 811; flfth, 126; sixth, 299; total, 1,912. His election was unani111OUS. WABD TICKETS. There were two Democratie and four Republican supervisors elected, and two Democratie and four Republican alderman elected, the vote by wards being as follows: FIRST WAE. Por Supervisor - John 11. Miner, Rep 283-122 Emanuel Wagner, Dem 161 John G. Palmer, Pro 17 For Alderman- Charles W. Wagner, Rep 226- 13 Dr. D. A. MacLaclilin. Dem. 213 Paul Snauble, Pro 19 For Constable - T. E. Thompson, Dem. and R 893-373 Charles Boylan, Pro 20 SECOXD WA KI). For Supervisor - Eugene Oesterlin, Dem 233-114 Herman Gundert,Rep __ 11!) II. C. Markham, Pro 4 For Alderman- Christian Martin, Dem and R 356-350 M. Calvin Boylan 6 For Constable - Paul Schal], Dom 254-147 Fulford, Rep 107 FOUKTII WARD. For Supervisor - John S. Carroll, Dem __. 124 George H. Pond, Rep... 172- 48 Isaac Dunn, Pro 16 For Alderman- A. P. Ferguson, R. and Dem. 267-233 William Salyer, sr., Pro S4 For Constable- Thomas F. Leonard, ]). and B 272-241 Daniel Strickler, Pro 31 : II WARD. For Supervisor - Geo. W. Weeks, Dem___ 61 Thomas Speechley, liep 67- 6 For Alderman- Charles EL Manly. Dern.and K 118-116 Nelson Rogers, Pro 2 For Constable - Charles Fox, Dem C4- 2 Alex. Williams, Pro... 2 SIXTII M'AKD. For Supervisor- , Evart H. Scott, Rep. and Dem 254-219 Horace T. Purfield, Pro 35 For Alderman- Richard E. Jolly, Dem 53 A. J. Kitson, Rep 191- 13S E. E. Calkins, Pro 42 For Constable - James Shirley, Dem 67 Henry Marsh, Ren 185-118 John C. Wilson, Pro 32