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The republicana and prohibitionists eombined carried this town by from 39 to 44, tlie dernoerats electing their clerk by 32, treasurer by 40, school inspector by 9, member of board of review by 10, and three constables. For these oflices the republicana and prohibitionists had separate nominees. The ticket elected and niajorities were as follows: Supervisor, Samuel S. Bibbins, K. and P., 44: clerk, Frank J. Hammond, D., 32; treasurer, W alter V. Bullard, D., 40; highway eommissioner, John F. Fowler, R. and P., 39; justice, AVilliam II. Bishop, R. and P.. 40; school inspector, Elmar D. Minzey, D., 9; board of review, William A. Russell, D., 10; constables, George Russell, William Potter, Ilenry Gotts, D., and Walter Stitt, R. and P. The democratie vote ranged from 148 to 172, the proliibition vote from 3S to 45, and the republican vote from 132 to 148. Duraml and the democratie regents had 7 majority, and Kinue bad 22. Cavanaugh had 143 votes, and the amendmeuts were lost by over 100. ANS AEBOK TOWN. The democrats elected their township ticket excepting treasurer and highway commissioner, by majorities as follows: Supervisor, Charles Braun, 41); clerk, Can W ïedemann, 13; treasurer, George Green, R., 30; highway commissioner, John Schenk, R. , 48; drain commissioner, II. B. Feldkamp; board of review, John O'Hara; school inspector, Fred Haas. MANCrTESTER. The democrats redeemecl Manches ter, electing their entire town ticket and defeating that redoubtable runner, William Biutless, by 44 majority. The ticket elected was : Supervisor, William Chase; clerk, William Koebbe; treasurer, Erastns Logan; justices, James Kelly and Mart Case: highway commissioner, Fred Schaible. SALEM . The republicana carried the town by majorities ranging f rom 9 to 55. There were 121 vepublican votes, S2 democratie, and 36 prohibition. There were 37 ballots thrown out because not marked. Fred C. Wheeler had 18 majority tor supervisor. The other officers elected were, clerk, Marshall Withee; treasurer. Nathaniel Rider; justice, N. A. Withee: highway conimissioner, Wilber Jones; board of review, Frank J. Tousey; school inspector, Charles Ryder. SUPERIOR. The demócrata elected all thcir candidates in Superior excepting on town treasurer, the inajority for Edwin Shuart, republican, being 15. Supervisor Gill had 17 majority, and clerk Btrang 47. The ticket elected was as follows: Supervisor, Peter T. Gill; clerk, Elijah Strang ; treasurer, Edwin Shuart ; highway eommissioner, Oliver Twist; board of review, John J. Rooke; school inspector, Fred Smith; justice, Hamilton Coüiiis; constables. Andrew Gale, B. T. Geer. A. .1. Houston, G( Dolby. VI. VAN. The elecUou. Mouday, passed oiï quietly, and resulted in the election of tlie following orticers : Supervisor, J. L. Gilbert, 45 uiajority; clerk, Freii lloedel; treasurer, tíeorge Beckwith; justice of the peace, G. W. TurnbnU; liighway commissioner, James Kunciman ; drain commissioner, Philip Schweinfurth; school inspector, Ira Glover; board of review, John Cook; constables, Jacob Staffan, llush Green, Stevens, and Chauncey mei. Of these, Beckwith Turnbull, Runciman, Glover, Cook and Hummel are democrats, and the balance republicans. The majorities run from 6 to 50. Judge Kinne had 82 majority in the town, and the state ticket 35 republican. Aboat 60 votes were thrown out for not being marked 'at all or foi beínft marked too much. l'ITTSFIELD. Pittsfleld goes república as usual, M.F,. Case being re-elected supervisor by 51 majority over Adelbert Iiarris. The entire republican town ticket was elected by majorities as follows: Clerk, F. II. Webb, 34; Charles Mills, ;;;;'. Treasurer, George Read, 29. Justice, N. C. Carpenter, 37. School inspector, T. J. L. Wallace,29; A. D. Crittenden, 2-5. Board of review, Clinton Allmendinger, 27. Only 182 votes were cast on the town ticket. Kinne received 118 votes and Gilday 43. YPSILANTI CITY. The democrats redeemed thisformer republican stronghold, Monday, electing their mayor, Henry B. Scoville, by 159 majority, the vote being Scoville, 584; Sweet, republican, 426; Cook,prohibition, 43. Four republican and three democratie aldermen were elected, making the council a tie. Ldwards, rep., has 194 majority for supervisor, whjle Fo'rsythe, dem., lias 187. LIJIA. The Democrats elected their entire town ticket, exceptiug highway corumissioner by niajorities from 2 to 29 as follows: Supervisor, Walter H. Daneer, 2; clerk, William Covert, 10; treasurer, David E. Beach, 25; board of review, John J. Gross. 8; highway commissioner, Masón Whiffle, R, 3; justice, JeromeL. Parker, 8; school inspector, Otto Luick, R., 10; drain commissioner, Frederick Klein, 8; constables, David E. Beech, 8, Fraak Leach, 29; William S. Whittaker, 8; Christian Fritz, 3. The Republicana carried the town on their state ticket from 2 to 8, and Judge Kinne bas 97 majority. M. J. Cavanaugh receives 82 votes to 17 for Calkins. The amendments are defeated by majorities ranging from 142 to 153. scio. The f uil democratie ticket was elected by majorities ranging from 30 to 56, exceptiug treasurer, as follows: Supervisor, Fred Jedele, 37; clerk, John W. Barley, 36-5, treasurer, Jay Keith, R., 78; highway commissioner, Fred Fregel, 31; school inspector, Dan E. Hoey, 30; justice, David Allmendinger, 56; board of review. Edward Moore, 40; drain commissioner, George Zahn, 36; constables, Chas. Trambull, John Weimer, Daniel Cunningham and Fred Lathrop. LODI. There was only one ticket in the field, democratie of course, and 155 votes were cast, of which number 2( town ballot had to be thrown out as nnmarked. Michael Eagan was reelected supervisor. YOBK. The entire democratie town ticket, headed by Alfred Davenport for supervisor, was elected by good majorities. SHAKOX. Thère were four tickets in the field. W. B. Osborne, Democrat, had a plurality of 48 and a cuajority of -2ö for supervisor. Hall was elected clerk.W. Iluesman. treasurer; T. Koebbe and John Schliclit, justices; Charles Fish, highway coinmissioTTer. KKEEDOil. There was only oue ticket in the field, but John George Schnierlug was eleeted school inspector on a sturnp ticket by writing his name in. Michael P. Alber was elected supervisor, Henry Kuhl, clerk; Frank Kenau, treasurer, and Jacob Knapp, justice. LYNDON. There were two tickets in the iield. Democratie and Union. The Democratie ticket won as follows: Supervisor, Thos. Young, jr., 45; clerk, Ed. Shanahan, 37; treasurer, Geo. Bunciman, (no opposition); justices, Johu Howlett, 40, Orson Beeruan; highway commissioner, William Howlett. 54; school inspector, Bertrand Howlett; board of review. John Clark, 36. Miss Eva Hay, of Mitchell's wholesale house, of Detroit, has been enr;is;el for the nomina; season by Mrs. A. Otro, the leading milliner.