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Elmer Bridgstock is suftermg with eye trouble. A. Dancer made us a short cali on Tuesday. L. Chamberlain was a Pinckney visitor recently. Mrs. P. Lavey entertaineda friend the last of the week. P. Seper made a flying trip to Chelsea last Tuesday. James Lyman opened his meat market last Saturday. The young men of Pinckney have organized a brass band. Dr. Honey made a business trip here one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Adams have moved f rom this neighborhood. The scholars of the high school had a vacation last week. John Jones was in Ypsilanti, on business, part of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Agin spent Sunday with her sister at Hamburg. Mrs. H. Hall has been entertaining her son for a short time. Jay Shehan, of Hamburg, was a Sunday visitor of the Reids. G. Yearance, of Lima, made us a short cali one day last week. R. C. Reeves' mother is quite sick at her home in Webster. T. Rabbit made a flying trip to Cubb's Corners last Saturday. Willie Ballou visited his grand mother in Northfield recently. Miss Carrie Erwin spent her vacation with her aunt in Jackson. Mr. McDonald, of Hamburg; visited relatives here on Thursday. Frank Fields, of Grand Ledge, was with relatives here last week. Miss S. Butler is spending a few days with her friend in this place. Mrs. Stabler and son, of Chelsea, spent Sunday with relatives here. Mrs. William Carpenter was the guest of her parents at Pettysville. E. R. Doane has returned home after spending the winter in Florida. Mrs. Jenney and daughter, Miss Ethel, were in Ann Arbor, Friday. Miss Carrie Taylor was with her many friends in Ann Arbor last Friday. John Darkins, of MariĆ³n, made his friends a pleasant cali last Thursday. A. Taylor and daughter, Miss Mary, were Sylvan visitors, Saturday. Chas. Andrews, of Ann Arbor, was with his many friends on Tuesday. Mrs. Roberts, of Ypsilanti, is here as the gnest of her father for a few Havs Z. Burr has been entertaining his brother from Plymouth for several days. ZVIr. Wheeler and wife, of South Putnain, spent Tuesday with her sister. J. Jedele took a pleasure trip to Ann Arbor one day the last of the week. John Doody has been entertaining friends from abroad for the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Elsasser, of Ann Arbor, were with her parents last Friday. Geo. Holmes now delivers milk to his customers in a fine new wagon. Mrs. Chamberlain had the pleasure of entertaining her friend, Wcdnesday. Mrs. Puliver has returned home after several weeks' stay with friends in Lima. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coy entertained their friend, Mrs. Wood, from Chelsea. Chas. Bell, of Flint, has been with his many friends here for several days. James Henry, of Pettysville, was here with his old associates one day last week. Mr. arid Mrs. Thomas McComb spent Wednesday with their friends in Webster. Mrs. Hugh Clark, sr., is verysick at this writing. Dr. Chase is attending her. Mrs. Locksmith slipped on the sidewalk and broke her wrist one day last week. Arthur Simms has been home from his school duties at St. Clair for a few days. John Pratt, jr., has rented John Rosier's farm in Lima, and will take possession soon. Byron McCaulay has gone on a pleasure trip through the northern part of the state. Messrs. J. Croarkin and P. Sloan were at the county seat on business one day last week. The remains of Mrs. T. Havvks were buried in the Hudson cemetery last Wednesday. Mrs. Carrie Seper lias been presented with a fine music cabinet, f rom New York city. VVirt Carpenter and chum have been at the lakes, fishing and huntng, the past few days. Mrs. B. Phelps entertained the Social Circle of the M. E. church on Wednesday afternoon. A. Kearney, of Ann Arbor, accompanied by a friend, were with Dexter friends last Friday. Miss Eva Blade has returned to her home in Pettysville after several weeks' stay with her sister here. Mrs. A. Reason and daughter Myrtella, of Pinckneyj passed here, Friday, on their way to Ann Arbor. Mr. and Mrs. L. Alley and daughter, Miss Grace, made her mother a pleasant visit at Pinckney, last Friday. Mr. Marshall and family are now located on the Dunlavy farm, east of the village, on the Ann Arbor road. Miss Susie Bennett has arrived at Los Angeles, Cal., and writes home that she is well pleased with the country. J. Bennett bas been making extensive improvements in the interior of the Dexter House, of which he is proprietor. The Ladies' Society of the Congregational church will give a conundrum social at Mr. J. Pacey's this (Friday) evening. Some of our young men will give a hop in the opera house, Friday evening, April 7. Music will be furnished by Meade's orchestra. Robert Northard received the news of the death of his father at Pettysville, last Thursday, and went to that place to attend the funeral. Mrs. R. Flintoft, son and granddaughter, of Emery, Mrs. G. Flintoft and sons, of Hamburg, and T. B. Taylor, of Jackson, sperit Sundey with A. Taylor and family.


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