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"The Pace That Kills" is overwork - makes no difference what kind. Using greasy and inferior soaps is one road to premature decay - sore hands - sore hearts - clothes never clean. Not so when KIRK'S AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP is used. Cheerfully proceeds the labor of wasrvday with health and long life assured. Hands all right - hearts light- clothes pure and white as a Greenland snowdrift. JAS. S. K1RK& CO., Chicago. önsky Diamond Tar Soap. Matfledt!L8."ï.8ofl m wfflkm ADAHS' BAZAAB, A new fresh stock of fancy goods and novelties. PLUS11 AND WOOD BOXES, PURSES, PICTUBES, BOOKS, GAMES, ALBUMS, METAL FBAMES, TOYS, and DOLLS. urn. ühfsl DINNEB SETS, TOILET SETS, PLAIN AND DECOEATED CHINA. The greatest variety of DOLLS AND TOYS WE HAVE EVEK SHOWS". Come early and make your selection while the stock is full. 13 SOUTH MAIN ST. REPOET OP THE CONDITION OF THE mm i wm m - AT- ANN ARROK, .iliCHItiAX, At the close of business, December 9, 1S92. 11ES0UBCES. Loans and discounts $303,18638 Stocks. Bood and Mortgages, etc. 117,311 07 Overdrafts t.,128 30 Due from banks !n ressrve citie 83,995 (11 Lue from other banks and bunkers 14.311 11 Due from Washtenaw Co 31,59909 Furnitureandnxtures _ 3,000 00 Current expenses and laxes paid 3,338 03 Interest paid 4,747 13 Cheeks and cash items 1,571 71 Niokels andpennies _ 24 21 3old coin 7,384 80 Silvtr coin _ 3,971 15 0.S. and National BankNotiS 9,599 00 Total Í537.32499 LIAUILITIES. Capital etock paid in _ $ .0,000 00 Surnlua fiiüd 10,000 H) ündivided j.roiits 21,00957 Individual deposita l'2B,801 77 ij.'ttiflcates of cl posit 253,869 51 Savings deposita 75,654 14 Total 537,324 99 STATE OF MICHIGAN, ) Couuiy of Vuöhtenaw, h1, Frederick U. Relser, Cashier of the above nnntil bank, do solemnly swear that tbe above statement is true to the best of my knowledge nd belief. F. H. Bemer, Cashier. Subucribed and swom to before methis 14tb day of December, 1892. H. A. Williams. Notary Public COBUECT- Attest . Cuas. E. Greene, ") Ambkose Keakkev, VDireciors. Wm. C. Stevens, I GET A TICKET OF W. F. LODHOLZ 4 and 6 Broadway a uil ymi are onliilcd to a ehoiee of tho Iomu Instructor or the tffe of General Slierman or the Lite of P. T. Barnum (FKKK) when cash purcliase to the atuouui of íló has been ma Ie. THE HOME INSTRUCTOR LAUGE OCTAVO, 47S PAGES, ILLUSTRATED. A compendium of ueeful knowledge uecessurj' lor the practical uses of i'( rvday life. A complete and perfect fruido to lile in public and private. THE LI FE AND DEEDSOF W. T. $ HER MAN. ■ ROWN OCTAVO. S68 PAGES, ILLVSTRA'L'ED. Agraphk: narrativo of bis boyhood and early life, education. career in Ploridaand California, railiüiry achlevements, lite as n Citizen, laet slokness and death ; uitli fln, siccl THE LIFE OF P. T. BARNUM, THE WORLD RENOWNED SHOWMAN. CROWN OCTAVO ,53) PAGES, TLLVSTllATED. His early life and struggles, bold ventures and brilliant euceess: his wonderful career, lus wit, trenius and eloquence, lus lil:i? a citizen. eic- to which is added his famous book, The Art uf Money Geltiuu. C.W, VOGEJL, ann Strest. GHOICEST CUTS OF STEAKS. All kinds of ME ATS AND SAUS AGES. Froüh lard always in stook. Poultry m seagoo TRUCK l STGBASE C. E. GODFREY. Residence and Office, 46 Fourth Avs., Nortli Telepbone 82.


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