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As I om tío íaraieih íor the U. S.Derpartniíent oí Agrteultúre, a weekly report every Saturday during the groivíp.kj; seasiott, I would respectfully invito cordial co-operation of the farmers and fruit growers oí TVashirnaw and joimiing oountiee. Proí. Hall, tlue director of the Obserpatory oí the Uwiversüty oí Mieliig-aai, wu furnii-h tlue temiperaturc lor llwse reporte, and in that lino the report of ocurso wi'Il be perfect. We {armera oi Waslvtenaw should batoe prwte im making this report au honor to our most important and ciovatin.ü,' oecupatton, adding practical resalta to those of science. These reports will benefit our proíession. Being" eng-aig'L'd in artiCles 011 America.n fat and meat pro (íucing plíinits and feeding stuifü íor Chicago and Citocinnati, allow me 1o draw attention to Helianthus Tuberosus, twínslated iinto English, Sanilower Tuber. fenown as Jerusalem Artfcilioke, aa ti tiesto and milk produt;ia)g', liiealtli promoting plant Of greafc ianportamce. My experunents wit'h tliiis phint are vc.'y satisfactory. It bais no oneniy, and can be produced tíheaper Chas any otlier tuber plant. Now ploase addrese letters or postal carda to my addrese, weekly II posBible, im reg-ard to the state of the gi'owlnig cixjps and of fruit prospeets, tino effect of the weather on ci-op, tlhielr conddtiom and progresa during t!liO -vveek ; also the damnig-l.nig effccts of hiiígh winds. ex;'essivc rain?, drought, frost, ha.ll, eto., should sueh occur. The variietics of Avheat, corn, onts. barley, rye, ote., tlvat are glvlng the best result.s. Tlie Secretary of 'Agriculture, tlie Hon. Sterliui'g J. ílorton, was a bout 36 years ag-o. an nliabitant of Washicuaw. I remembcr when he raised luis lirsi crops i.n Michigan Universlty and was well acquaiaited wlth liis íamily when they rfesided on Jefferson Avenue im Detroit. I know the seci-cai-y wiil take a special interest in Wayne and Washtenaw agriculture and hort culture. Now bret'hren. iioiise send in your reporte ; don't forget oats, turkeys and c'h'ickens, all Important farm producte. Oats are the bost meat producers and mny help yon to rise way up high. Picase addross the farmers' and fruit arrowers' friend. Ann Ai'bor, Mich.


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