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Men Whom Women Adore

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lue exces? of devotion that Pader. receïvcs from enthusiastic women call.s attention to the fact that it iü always the more delicate and refined type ol manhood that inspires this sort of hysterical idolatry aiuong the women. Therc never was a more superb example of handsome manliness tlian that of Edouard de Reszke, the French tenor, but he was here and is in his own country but vaguely admired by women, and with none of the mad, raptiirous ecstasy and adoration of which Alvary, the German tenor, was the ungracious recipiënt. Alvary was sinall and slight in stature. His shyness was almost painfnl. His devotion to lús Germán f rau and immerons olive branches hopelessly prosaic and ïinromaniic. But the women stood about the stage door in groujis for a glimpse of their divinity, and equandered their entire lowance on opera tickets v, hen he saug. Kyrle Belfew was in his day another victim oí' woiruui's devotian. They found otit the eiïeminate Mare Antony had his hair clipped. and bribed the barber info saving bits of the sacred fleace for tbeni to wear i:i lockets and How that barber ever reconciled things with his owii conscience, Jiow ie will settle it with the recording angel is a mystery, for not even the Suthérland sisters could have supplied all the locks that wcre surreptitiously dealt out to the fair devotees for a time. Pierre Loti, in France, now one of the Immortals, is another man of the marked feminine characteristics which appeal to the entlmsiasm of vromen and claim their championship. It was on shipboard that this writer, whose real name is Jean Viaud, got the name of Loti, which is Japanese for '-violet," and it was as Violet that he was known among the graceless, but discriminaüng subalterns. Men cali his writing feminine in discernment and cloying in style, and say that he chooses his words like bonbons. But the strong and brilliant Mme. Adam and her followers, in their enthusiasrn for Loti at the time of his election to the academy, opposed a man of distinguished largeness of thought and marked genius. Dignity and elegance are both winning cards for gaining popularity with women. It is to the former that Walter Damrosch previous to his marriage gained his following of fashionable women. and it is to the latter quality, as well as his dramatic talent, that Púddle is indebted for the admiration oí' the women who listen to his readings. Perhaps it is the unexpected strength and fire in the guise of an exquisite that charms. The odd thing about it is that the very women who rave over these types of men are wedded to husbands of the practical rotund school; men with plenty of development in the aldermanic región; men whose wedding vests won't meet by several inches, and whose bald spots are fast growing glossy; men who couldn't tinderstand their rosettes any better than Amelie Rives' vmf ortunate liero, and who laugh at the little women and their ravings over long haired héroes, confident of their own cliarm and liking the women all the better for their pretty asma.


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