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Monday was a good day for the Bradleys. ...

Monday was a good day for the Bradleys. ... image
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Monday was a good day for the Bradleys. W. F. Bradley was elected mayor of Adrián, James B. Bradley mayor of Eaton Rapids, and Bradley M. Thompson mayor of Ann Arbor. All three we're running on republican tickets, although our own mayor is a democrat. It is very funny to see the republican party press gleefully shouting we beat the democrats on the city ticket, and at the same time quarrelling among themselves as to who did it. It is funnier still when we think that before the election we were all assured that Col. Thompson was a democrat, a fact that is pretty well established, and the democrats certainly elected their president of the council and the clerk. Mayor Doty has given the city of Ann Arbor a good, clean businesslike administraron. He has made a good mayor and has set a pace which will keep the new mayor, accomplished as he is, hustlingto keep up with. He has looked out carefully for the interests of the city, and Ann Arbor has greatly prospered in the past two years. When it comes to the reform that the municipal club people talked of, it will be found that very little reforming is to be done. As for good order, no city in the state has had better order than has Ann Arbor for the past two years. Although defeated, Mr. Edward R. Gilday retires from Washtenaw with the esteem and good will of those with whom he was thrown in contact. He is an honorable gentleman, unassuming in his manners, and has made many warm friends. His defeat was due to no fault of his. He was running against the most popular republican in the district, who had made a good judge. The unfortunate introduction of appeals to religious prejudices into the campaign set in motion a current of feeling which could not be stemmed, and from a party standpoint, makes his defeat the more deplorable. In order to help our farmer friends supply their wants the Argus has decided to furnish a want column for their especial benefit free of charge. The conditions necessary for the use of this column are as follows: (i) All persons desiring the use of the column must be subscribers for the Argus. (2) They must state what they have to dispose of or what they wish to obtain in the following manner: (a) State whether the article is wanted or for sale (b) Give their name and place of residence. (c) Give the name of the article they wish to dispose of or to obtain. (d) The matter must not occupy more than four lines of space (about 25 words). An article written in compliance with the above mentioned conditions will be inserted for two weeks free of charge, subsequent insertions will be charged for at the rate of ten cents each. We trust that our offer will be taken advantage of, as it will be found a source of great benefit. We append samples of wants gotten up as desired: Wanted- By John Doe, of Manchester, 5 bushels of seed wheat, and 2 shoats. For Sai.e - By Richard Roe, of Dexter, a, sulky-plow, and one 4year-old work horse.


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