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.i iic ïuiiuwiui; cuiiiuiiuiiCciLiuii Jb from one of our correspondents, Mrs. Carrie E. Martin, a lady wellknown and highly respected and who occupies a position of the highest social distinction in West Lejv den, Mass. Her experience is of such a nature and its importance to many is so great and far-reaching, that we give it to our readers in lier own words. "Last summer I was all run down had chills, no appetite, very little sleep nights and none days, fain spells, trembling feelings and was so weak I could hardly walk arounc the room. I continued to run 'down in health and strength until I fearec utter nervous prostration with its untold miseries. "I sent for our town pliysician and he carne a good many times. ', soon had to give up work entirely still his medicines did me no good I tried to ride out one morning, but went only a few rods and had to come home. My husband then went to church, leaving me with the hired help and my children. Such a terrible day as I spent tongue cannot describe. I could scarcely get from the couch to a chair. "When my husband camein from church I told him I was worse and that I would die if I did not get help soon; that I would not takeany more of the doctor's medicine but try 13%-. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, if h'e thought best. "He advised me to try it and went immediately and got a bottle, which I began to take; up to this time we kn'ew nothing ot its value except as we had seen it advertised. "In the course of two days our family physician carne in and, saying that he found me about the same, finally told me that he had concluded to -ask for counsel. He informed me that I might choose any doctor I preferred to meet him in consultation. "I said to him, 'then you consider me pretty badly off?' "He answered, 'I certainly do, and shall not prescribe for you again until sorae other doctor sees you, as I do not knovv what to give you next.' "I then said to him, 'perhaps you will be offended, btit I have not taken any of your medicine for two days but am taking Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy.' "He answered, 'lam notoffended; if it will help you I shall be very glad. You may continue its use a week and if no better, then we will have counsel.' "But at the end of a week I was better. In two weeks I was a good deal better, no chills, no faint feelings, I could eat some and sleep I quite well. In three weeks I was around and about the house. In four weeks my hired girl left me and I went to doing my housework alone, and have since continued to do so, with seven in the fatnily. "Since that time our family physician has advised its use from time to time, saying that it would keep up my strength better. He has advised others to take it, telling them of the good it did me, and today I have reason, yes great reason, to thank (od for my recovery, and through the use of Dr. Gïeene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. I am only too glad to testify to its merits. Good bless Dr. Greene and his wonderful medicine." This reniarkable remedy is purely vegetable and harmless, and can be procured at any drug store for $i per bottle. Like the above able and excellent physician, all doctors of high standing recommend the sick to use it, for it cures. It is especially recommended to take as a spring medicine. Everybody needs a spring medicine and both physicians and the people umte in pronouncing this the best of spring remidies. Use it now, sure. Doctors prescribe and recommend it because it, is not a patent medicine but a physicians prescription, the discovery of the eminent specialist, Dr. Greene, of 35 W. i4th street, New York, who is so wonderfully successful in curing all forms of nervous and chronic diseases, and who can be consulted free, personally or by letter.


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