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Y T" i the best is JLH. i 3-1 il T thecheapest. White Lead is best ; properly applied it will not scale, chip, chalk, or rub off; it firmly adheres to the wood and forms a permanent base for repainting. Paints which peel or scale have to be removed by scraping or burning before satiafactory repainting can be done. Whcn buying it 3 important to obtain Sin 'are Whiu id properly made. Time has proven that white lead made by the "Old Dutch" process of slow corrosión possesses f qualities that cannot be obtained by J any other method of manufacture. This b process consumes four to six months time, and produces the brands that have given White Lead its character as the standard paint. "Armstrong & McKêlvy" "Beymer-Bauman" "Eckstein" , "Fahnestock" "Anchor" "Kentucky" "Morley" "Southern" "Shipman" "Red Seal" "Collier" "Davis-Chambers" are standard brands of strictly pure ' Lead made by the " Old Dutch " process. You get the best in buying them. You can produce any desired color by tinting these brands of white lead with t National Lead Co.'s Pure White Lead Tinting Colors. i 1 For sale by the most reliable dealers in Paints i everywhere. If you are going to paint, it will pay you to send to us for a book containing information that may save you many a dollar ; it wilï only cost you a postal card to do so. NATIONAL LEAD CO., l Broadway, New York. , Chicago Branch, State and Fiftecntti Streets. THE EQUITABLE Í Life Assurance Society. OF THE UNITED STATES. Henbt B. Hyde, President. James W. Alexander, Vice-Pres't. JANUARY 1, 1892. ASSEÏS $136,Í98,518 Litibilities 10t),905,57 SÜKPLUS .$26,292,981 ISïCOBtK .$39,054,944 New Business ) qo i i e ooj written in 1891. -o,11,1 Assiirauce I 804,894.557 in forcé Investment Bcnds, Endovment Poücies, Ordinary Life Policies, Issued on the lives of both male and female and payable to the assnred in 10, 15, or 20 years. Any person who will send the date of his birth will be given an illustvation precisely adapted to his ovvn age and circumstanees. W, E, PRIGE, Agent, Anx Aebok, Mich. "- -"" I j I I -f ï B. í g il i Ï 1 Si 6 í I f 'S ll'O ' L i ls Ka 8 s S % l ö y fl o a 2 E go f l W _ _ im iii-i „.., i , EBERBAGH & M. DlüföaiSTS AND PHARMACISTS, No. 12 South Main Street DEALERS IN Medicines, Ohoniicalsi9 Dye Stixiïs, Ajtist's and Wax Flower Materials Toilet Articles, Trusses, Etc. PlIWli&LidW Special attention piiitl totne hirnishin of Vhysidans, Che'.nists, Schools, etc, with phiiosophical and Chemical Aparatus, Bohemias Chemical Olassware, Porcclain Wort-, Pure Reaecnts, etc. Physit tans' Prescñptiftns Caret'uliY Piepared ?.t All bours. gjMMWMBBBjfl The quiltlng paity anti the BPTI stiijïe coach arO plnyctl■ A fililí T Tho telephone and HA UUIUI W!HUCJHj);n'H Family Quiltlus 8 ... . ..... ■Slachinoiire modern neH 1H 3 HCURS. W lyQulltingMa■■HBHHHIHB ble attacliiucnt lor all sevnngmachlnea. (nl&ay (notGor 9) can make n quilt In 3 houj elnklren'8 cloaks: dressilnlngs, oio. Bend SU.OO nnd I wlll send you a machia ■■ Agents wanted everywhciv Kor circulara and Culi Information addresa UJiKKY T. UAV1S, 30 W. Randolph St.. Chicago


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