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LAURINO, March 29. -The house judiciarv committee rcported an amcndment to tlie lax law providing for Ihe taxation of the full amouut of the capital stock of banks and insuranoe companies regardless oí mortgages held by them. The house pvissed a bilí creatiug a separate board of control for the state public school and asylurn for dangerous and criminal insane. The sonate Killed the Brundage anti free railroad pass bül. In committee of the whole bilis providing for a uniform system of computing interesi and discount, appropriating $109,500 for the current expenses for the school for the deaf and providing a separate board of control thercfor, were passed. Lansing, March 29. -The house passed the liill amending the mortgage tax law of 1891. lt was found to be very detective in operaiion, and has been amended so as to tax all real eslate montages held b.v banks and Insurance companies. Anothtr bill passed was that providing for the optional use of tlie Khines vote recorder at municipal elections. An appropriation of Í30.0OÜ for two additional cottages at the eastern asylum for the insane was recommended. The senate, by a strict party vote, passed the bill taking the managemetft oí the state school for the deaf and dumb from the central board of control ad replaolng it in the hands of a special board. A contest was had over the passage of the bill authorizing county or district agricultural societies, commerce or nuvigation companies, train railway manufacturing, banking or mercanüle companios organizad under the general law, whose term of existence has expired or is about to expire by limitation, to reorganize fora 'urther period of thirty years. It failed of passage by three votes. Another attempt will be made to pass it. The bill appropriating J95,000 for colqny houses at the Michigan asylum for the insane was cut to $72,000. A favorable report was made on a bill requiring fire Insurance companios of other states operatirig in Michigan to place insnrance in Michigan property through ofiices ,in this state only. Lansing. March 30.- The houae passed the Moody bül flxing the test of Ulomlnatlng oü, making it 125 instead of 120 degnees, the Foster cup to be in use. The salary of the inspector is reduced from 81,500 to 81,200. The inspeotion fees are twentytive cents per band of flftyHve gallons and one mili per gallon when inspected in tanks. The senate passed the house bill providing lor taxation of bank stock withoul regard to the mortgages held. Ii adopted a rnsolution providing for a special committee of three from each house to make a searching inv,estigatiOB of affairs at the state prison wivh n rene ti the management, the discipl ue and rules in general. Both branches aöjourneiï until April 4.


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