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A Border Homecoming

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Wil !i bcnvs and billa And bilis and bows. And over the liills The warden goos. Two weeks agone, or maybe three, Tlie Johnstons carne a-vltlng me: They slew the c es, a:id they drave thecow, They look my mun i'roni the stilts of the plow And lianged hira on the yew tree bough. Bat 1 have ritiden a fray since then And countered with the Aunan men. And Annan men are ;■. man to l&ck; lle took my long spear in the hack; 1 drave il In throngh plate and jack. Hanging down frora a girdle frayed, 1 carry a poodly Spanish blade; Let no man have me in liis scorn Althongh my buff be strained and torn; I wot I ride a gentleman born. Vhat though we lie on tho oaten straw Wiihin my tower of ).:'.mbtonshav, Where walls are slom.fpuugh the roof be thin; Vet Joan, my wife, who lies tlierein, To the warden s lady is kith and kin. My father bigged it long before And set the threc lambs over the door; I shall go ander the lintel stone On a Flemish charger high in the bone Where between my knees "vas a limping roan. Woe is me for the lonely wayl Tliere were three men rode by me yesterday. My boots drop blood at every start, And my soul and body are like to part; Vet 1 ride home with a inerry heart. For 1 have met my mortal foe; Together we yoked six hours ago. 1 met liim down by the Todshaw braïe, With ron out to give and take, And 1 slashed bis face for the old fead'3 sake. So merrily home I ride in haste, To cirele my wife her dainty waist With the dainty girdle of silver gilt, Gay as the prize of a London tilt. 1 took (rom a tícots knight, hüt to hilt. Tlicn she wül waken the baims from bed, To thank Our Lady who kept my head: And when my Scottish kye below Down in the courtyard moo and low She will praise the saints that this is so. Witli bovrs and billa And bilis and bows. And over the hills The warden goes.


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