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AN SXTRAORDINARY SALE OF At E. F. MILLS & CO.'S on Friday and Saturday, Apr. 7-8 A fortúnate purchase of 5,000 yards of Pure Silk Moire Eibbons enables us to offer these superb goods for two days at lëss than the cost to manufacture. No. 5 Ribbons, worth 12c, No. 7 Ribbons, worth 15c, AT 5e A YARD. No. 9 Ribbons, worth 18c, No. 12 Ribbons, worth 20c, AT 10c A YARD. No. 16 Ribbons, worth 25c, No. 22 Ribbons worth 3Oc, No. 30 Ribbons, worth 35c, AT 15c A YARD. There have been ''Ribbon Sales" in Ann Arbor before - we have had two or Ihree ourselves but in every case undesirable colors and "cff styles" have had much lo do with the low price. In Ihis sale every shade offered will be staple and desirable, and the lot will ïnclude many new colorines especially desirable for Millineiy aivtl Dress Trimming purposes and large quantitics of lilacks and Creams. In addition to all this theie will be just as many wide Ribbo-s as narrow in the lot, soinething never rttem ttd before in a sale of this kind No such offering of Ribbons has been made in Ann Albor heretofore, and it will be a long time before such an opportunity will occur again, tlierefore it would seem unnecessary lo urge everybody to at least inspect this deckled bargain. RIBBONS FOR TUIS SALE DISPLAYED IN OUR NORTH WfcNDOW. 20 S. MAIN STREET. Opening Sale all this week of Shirt Waists. Excellent Values in Spring Wraps in our Cloalc Room.


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