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zj, Giiletfs (í nAO!C TM QüicKest gr Tbe ONLY f ( 1 YEAST Bread 'M Preveots Vli and Cures Wïll cure f The worst cases Of SkSn i Disease p From a ! f Cornmon Pimple f On the Face To that awfu! ' - s ! Pasease f i Í Scrofuia. % í Try a feottle & ■ To-dayg Send 3 2-cent stamps to A. P. Ordwny & Co., Bostou, Mass., ïor beat medical work published GURE Blek Eeaaache and relieve all the troubles ÜMfr dent to a bilioas Btate oí the system, Buoh as Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsinees, Distresa after eating, Pain in the Bide, &o. Wbile theirmosé xemarkable eucoess has been shown in curing , SICK Headache, yot Carter's Little Llver Plüa ara equally valuablo In Constipation, curing and pro venting thia annoyina complatat,while they also correct alldisordera oi the8tomach,timiilatetha Jiver and regúlate the liowelg. Even if they only ÏÏÈAD AcbêtheywouiabealmostprïcelessiothoaowhO eüfierfromthisdiBtrefieingcoinplaiiit; butfortuXiately thelr goodnees does notend here,and thoao Vho once try tbem will flnd these little pillsyalu ftbleineomany ■waystüat they will not ba willing to do without them. But after all sick head ACHE flBthe bane ot bo many lives that here Is whers i ve maïe our great boas t. Oor pilla cure it -whüa Others do not. Carter's Litüe Liver Pilis ars very small and Tery easy to take. One or two pillo make a dose. They are atrictly vegetable and do not gripe or purge, but ly Uieir gentle action pleasa all who neethem. Invialaat25cente ; flvefor$l. Sold by drugyists everywliere, or eent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. JMALLPILL SMALL POSE. SMALL PRICE FZm 0BI EB tty I! y VylHlë y h Skwe I " f r LL-OI r . ' . yji.1 A SinootJ Fence tliat Will Turn Any Kind of Stoel: '. The Best and Cbeapesl Fenee for the Farm. Made in iz - i rom 24 lo ", iuohus high, either galvani.ed oc paintcd. Cali and Examine If A nl y ou will buy no ottiör. M. Staebler, Auii Arbov. -kgr tfl The Rocker Washer jr lÏLsm oí any Washer ever placed upon O the market. It is warranted to i V 'f r.' KHaÊÊ wash an ordinary family washing ' IffiSI 'f 1OOPIBCK8IMONE 9 H&j Bi clean as can be wWI ]E w-tshed on the washboard. Writo yM0FL "r f'r'ces n'- u" decription. _ ROCKER WASHER CO. yli' KT WAÏ5E, 1ND. (_. f Liberal uiducemenU to live agenta. IMPOKTANT TO ADVERTISERS. The cream of the country papers is found in Eemington's County Seat Lists. Shrewd advertisers avail themselves of these lists, a copy of which eaa Vje had of Eemington ros., of New York & Pittsburg.


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