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A Scene In A Town Meeting

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To a city mau iown meetings are a novelty. I atteuded one soine years ago, over which an ex-governor presided. The various reports had been acted upon, and finally was read by the moderator an article on the amount of raoney the town should appropriate for the support of the schools this year. The question had hardly been put when a citizen with a pronounced German accent jumped up, and with a roguish twinkle in his eyesaid: "Mr. Moderator, I want to ask the taxpayers to think a litt.le while before we appropriate so much money as we did last year. Wha,t is de use of supporting a high school in this town if the childrens spend their time leaming how many legs a straddlebug has got, when they can't answer sorue of the simplest questions. I want rny boys and girls to learn something practical. The other day I wanted to write a letter to order some borax tliat í use in my business, and I said to my daughter, 'Gretchen, how do you spell borax?' and what do you suppose she said? She said she didn't know. I teil you, gentlemen, what we want is more common sense lessons and not so


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