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A Shopkeeper With Two Prices

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I was traying a of spectacles not long ago from the man that sold rae every pair I ever had. Several people were standing at the counter. I laid down $1.50 and started to go. He called me back. "Two dollars, if you please, Mr. Bysiander." "Why - why," suid I in astonishment, "I thought it was ouly $1.50." "Two dollars, sir. I never sold a pair of spectaeles in this shop for less." I added the other 50 cents and once more turned to go. Ajain he interrupted me. '1 wish you woiĆ¼d step back into the rear of the shop. Mr. Bystander. Ihave a geological specimen I want to show you." I f ollowed him meekly. As soon as we were out of hearing of the others he shoved a haif dollar into my hand. "There'syour geological specimen," he growled. "Don't you ever play me a trick like that again. You never paid $3 for a pair of spectacles in your life." I feit that I had met a trenius and was


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