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FICIAL.l C0UNC1L CHAMBEE. ! Akh ARBOK, April 5, 1898. f Adjourned session. President ('ook-y being absent, the Cpuncil was called to order by the Clerk. Roll called. Quorum present. Absent- Aid. Ilerz, FMmore, O'Mara, Rehberg, President Cooley.- 5. On motion of Aid. Trettyman, Aid. Snow was elected president pro tem. The journal of the last session was approved. REPORT OPSTANDING COMMITTBE. Aid Taylor moved that the rules be suspended, and the lin anee report be mul. Adopted. V1XANCE. nal: Your Committee on Finance respectreport that they have had the following bilis under consideration and won'ld recommend their allowanee at subas stated COXTINGKNT HTJKD. W, Miller. salaty - !? f.íí E.H. Xorris. Balary - - ! " Mrs. Jacob H. Stark, janitor-.-- J ? sul W. MUlard, printing snpplies W.J. Miller. expresa ---■ ■ Henry C. Wilmot, posting regristraoon Hichmond & Backus Co. .supplies : . . _- - - - d U Ann Arbor T.-H. Electric Co., stieet AnnlltrrboV"T.-H."EieH-í"Co.Voffice g James &mány','iminx 2 dead op.. 1 00 Aiexander Slupe, buvyiag 1 dead dog. oo Total $ T':J 31 STREKT BTOTD. Felson Sutherland, Balary, 66 60 Geo.F. Key, salary.... " Kdgar Warner, labor - ' Lawrence Hufrlis, labor w ;.n Bucholz, latoor -- } ■ Michuel Williams, labor l f iVillis Clark, labor - [ }; Frank Bohulz. labor " Frederick Kadke, labor l;1 Patrie!; Müfabi.1, labor 1" John MeArthur. labor - John Manning:, labor - l ;' .ni Bucholz. labor.. J August Birk, leaming s w Michael Kuaterer, leaming sa Louis Khode, tile - g Frank Buir, supplies- - gu N.Sutheriand.horseandcart - 60 & Co., supplies i Schleicher. salí 00 ert, ladder 1 '3 Total - 28 15 FISL1S DEPAKT-MENT FCKD. FredSipley, salary - JJJ C. A.Edwards. salary SO W Henry McLaren, salary w uu Louis Hoelzle, salary ? "? Cbai-les Carroll, salary W Max Witüinger, salary - w Frank Kapp, salary - "" Alben West, salary W Herman Kim, salary - JJ John Kenny , salary - "" Morgan Williams, salary - Sam McLaren, salary - w Wm.Rettieh, - - 'ï Mre. B. Beam, washing %w Rinsey & Seabolt supplies J È. J. Brown, suppUes - J ? Henry C. Clark. hay. i ■ ■ I W. Seybolt, hoie shoeing-.. - ' Swathcl. Kyer & Peterson. oat, bran.20 8U James Dmiefraii. horse sboeiQg o JU r. ri ipplles- _____ Total 8 40(i65 MJLICE "UNO. James 1Í. Murray, salary 65 00 David Collins, salary ?" Noble C. Tice, salary " w Total 5 m POOK FCKD. Fred Siplcy, salary - JO E. Eberbach. wood OU Mts. Ann Evans, aid JohnEisele, groceries John Goetz & Son. groceries Jonn Goetz.jr., groceries - 9 Goodyear & Co., supplies... 1 William F. Lodholz, groceries J -K William H.McIntyre, proceries Jo W O'HaraA Boyle, frroceries... 5 M Caspar Rinsey, groeeries JJ J Kinsey & Seabolt, groceries Il a G. F. Stein. meat o tc P. W. S-ybold, repairs on wagon _i_Jl' Totó! i 113 70 RECAPITULAT1ON. Coming'pntFund - ' f JJ Street Fund '- - ?L 2 Fire Fnnd - ---. 4W 6a Folice Fund J Fuad - ui ' lal - - ,- S 1,783 L1 ctfullysubmitted. " Walïer L. Taylou, Finance Com. AI il. Prettyman moved that the report be accepted and adopted, and warrants ordered drawa tor the sums state d therein. L dopted as foUows: Yeas- Aid. Wines, Schairer, Martin. Snow, Fergason, Taylor, Kitson, Prettyman. - 8. " Nays- None. SUPPLEMENTABY BEPOET. To the Common Council: Your Committee on Finance respectfully report that they have had the following bilis under consideration and would recommend their allowance at sums stiited: CONTISGKNT FDSD. John K. Miner, reg: and election, flrst ward 12 50 D. t'red Schairer, re;;, and election, first ward 12 50 Jae 11. Bacli. etectlon insp., flrst ward 5 00 I). :. Fall, -ierk of election, " 5 00 W. H. Butler-, olerk ot' election, flrst ward 5 00 Thonjas Taylor. gate keeper, first ward 2 00 Martin Clark, " " 2 00 JSugeiieuesterlin, rvg. ana eiecaon, second ward 12 50 Cbrietlan Martin, reg. md election, second ward 12 50 William Herz, reg;. and election, second ward 1000 Geo. 13. Bchwab, clerk of olection, second ward 3 00 Sehumaeker, clerk of election, d ward 5 00 Kred Huhn, gate koepor, second ward.. 2 00 LouisKurtz. " " 2 00 .lames Kearns, re?, and election, thlrd a 12 50 William G. Snow, re1-', and electioii, thlrd ward 12 ■'■ H. Fillmore, rejf. and election, tliinl ward 10 00 Charles Deitas, clerkof election, third ward 6 00 Wllliam A. Clark, oleik of election, third ard 6 00 Thomas Hauncm, L-atc-keeper, third 2 00 Orville w. Sage, gate-Ueepcr, thlrd ward , 2 00 John Baumgardner, rpjr, and election, foitrth ward A. P. FegUKOn, reg. and electlou, foarth ward j'Mara, reg. au 1 election, fouith ward 10 00 mkO'Hearn, clerK of election fourth ward- 5 00 Ti.) r,k Vandawarker.clerk of election, fourth ward 5 CO John Nowland, gate-keeper, fourj ward 2 00 Miebael tTTople, ga,te-keeper, fourth wárd 2 00 is Speechley, reg. and election, flfth ward 12 50 W alter Ij. Tayior, reg. and election, fifth ward 12 "0 Ernest Behberg, rcj.'. and election, li ft h ward 1 0 rohn Roylan, clerk of election, flftta ward.... S nn larry Hammond, olcrk of election, ftilii ward 5 00 racob Kalmbaoli, gate-keeper, ill'ili ward " 00 Nailon Garlfughovise, Late-keeper,flftta ward 2 0 luim W. Bennett, reg. and eleotion, rard - 50 H. . Prettyman. reg. and eleotlon, sixthward 12 60 A. J. Kitson, reg. and election, sixth ward i" 50 John Dutly, clerk oí election, sixtli ward "' W A. F. Martin, clerk of election, sixth ward o Mar(isi). Mlller, gate-keeper, sixth ward "; W. 11. Hatto, prate-keepcr, sixth ward.. 2 00 Nicholas G laser, 42 dlnnera ' "' ','. . ;. l'rettyman, 7 djnners, sixth ward 50 Walker & Co„ room for election, seco?id ward ■ lo 00 William Hera, room for registratlon, seconrt ward ' 00 Louis Weinmann, room for election, Brst ward 10 00 benait Evenlng Times l'nblisliiiiï Co., notiee - "50 Bailey & Dow. roiwirs I 95 GroestnaDO & sohlenker, stove for second w;ird - 1 70 Koch& Benne, table, etc 9 tQ N. Sutherland, horse and wasron I : Herman Buckholz, labor putting uu bootlis WlUis Clark, labor putting P booths 6 "■: Aan Arbor Democrat, election notioe 2 50 Total t 379 20 FlX.VN'C'li COMM ITTEE. Akl. Taylor moved that the report be accepted and adopted, and warranta ordered drawn for the sums stated fcherein. Adopted as follows: Yeas- Aid. Wines, Schairer, Martin, Snow, Ferguson, Taylor, Kitson, l'rettyman. - 8. Nays- None. Aid. Prettynian moved that the bilis of C. Martin, A. P. Ferguson, A. J. Kitson, inspectors, and Jas. R. Bacn clerk of special election, be allowed, and warranta ordered drawn at $5.00 eaeh. Adopted as follows: Yeas - Aid. Wines, Schairer. Martin, Snow, Ferguson, Taylor, Kitson, Prettyman. - S. " Xüvs- None. Aid. Taylor moved that the bilí of Ltin Arbor Argus, for printing, be allowed, and a warrant be ordered drawn for $124.00. Adopted as follows: Yeas- Aid. "Wines, Schairer, Martin, Snow, Ferguson, Taylor, Kitson, Prettyman. - 8. Naya- None. Aid. Prettyman moved that the bill of the Ann Arbor Argus, for printing two hundred diphtheria and scarlet fever cards, be allowed, and warrants be ordered drawn for $5.00. Adopted as follows: Yeas- Aid. Wines, Schairer, Martin, Snow, Ferguson, Taylor, Kitson, Prettyman. - 8. Nays- Xone. STREET. 2b the Common Council: Your committee on streets to whom was referred the resolution relating-to the construction of a side-track across South Main street with power to act in the premises, respectfully submit the following report: Your committee visited and inspected the premises, and found that to ?rarit the request of Mr. Uodmer,would be a great favor to him and a substantial benefit to the railway company, and no particular injury to the city, and we concluded to perrait the sidètrack to be constructed, on the condirion mentioned in the resolution. Such condition being more particularly stated in a memorandum thereof .which your committee thought prudent to reluire, a copy of which is submitted lerewith. ■ Your committee recommend that the forni of such memorandum be approved, that the action of your committee n granting such permission be afirmed, and that the execution of such memorandum, and the supervisión of ;he construction of sucl side-track, and its planking be referred to the Board of Public Works. All of which is respectfulJy snbmittetted. Christian Martin. L. D. Wnsras, Á. P. Ferguson', W. G. Snow, H. Gr. PliETTYMAX, W. L. Taylor, Street Committee. Akl. Ferguson moved that the report be, and the same 's hereby approved and confirmed. Aid. Wines moved to amend that the last clause in the proposed contract be striken out. Adopted. The original motion as amended prevailed. Aid. Prettyman moved that when we adjourn, we adjourn to meet Thursday evening, April Gth, at H o'clock. Adopted. REPOIITS Oï CITY OFFICTEBS. CUY TIIEASURER'S REPORT FOR TUE MONTH EKDIXO MABCH 31, 1893. To the Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor : Balance on hand as per last report ÍK MO.VEY BECEtVED. Continiient Fund - Miller, licenses 781 Interest 148.SÍ Pólice Fund- Pond, fées 31.00 Total í 1S5.06 $17,231.01 MONEY DISBORSED. Contiugent Fund $ 746.26 Street Fund 3i;i.-;i Firemen's Fund 466.05 Pólice Fund 174.60 Poor Fund 132.65 Soliüers' Helief Fund Ö.OU Total Dlsbursemcnta i 1,905.60 Total on hand 15,328 tl BALANOF ON MAM'. Contingent Fund,ovi;rdniWD 980.44 Streit Fund. overdrawn.. 782.25 Firemen's Fund 5,154.14 Pólice Fund 1511.43 I'oorFund 1.351 82 Water Fuud 3,178,81 Cemetery Fund 258.i7 Soldiere" Relief Fund.. 1.08H.69 University Hospital Aid Bond Fund 840.0(1 Delinquent Tax Fund overdrawn 1,400.81 Bridge, Culvert and Mswalk Fund, 6.008.1Ó DogTux Fund 100.00 Total ... 18.488.1H? 8,18350 Total on hand 15,326.41 Respectfully submitted, S. W. Beakes, City Treastirer. Ann Arbor City, April 5, 1893. The mouUily reports of the City ïreasurei', City Clerk, Marshal, and Superintendent of the Poor, were read and ordered placed on lile. Aid. Ferguson moved that the vote on resolutions regardiog the laying of gas ordinarices on the table be reconsidered. Adopted. Aid. Wines moved that the resolution of Aid. Snow in regard to laying gas ord mi anees on the table be rescindr ed. Adopted. Af ter wliich the chair having stated the question to be, '"Shall this ordinanee pass?" On motion of Aid. Prettyman the followihg amendment was read and substituted for Section 6. Section 6.- The fuel gas furnished by the company at seventy-five per thousand cubic feet shall contain an average of at least four bundred available heat units per cubic foot, tests to be evagorative. Provided that if the company shall furnish fuel gas at a price lesa than seventy-live cents per thousand cubic feet, such gas inay have fewer than four hundred units t the cubic foot, and the nurnber of heat units may be reduced, in proportion, as the price is reduced. Aid. Scliairer moved that Mr. Packham be allowed the Hoor. Adopted. Af ter which, the chair liaving stated the question to be: "Shall this ordinance pass as amended?" The yeas and nays being called, the ordinance, as amended, passed as folio ws: Yeas - Aid. Wines, Schaker, Morton, Snow, Ferguson, Kitson, Prettyman- 7. Nays - None. Aid. Taylor stated that he had never heard the ordinance read and wished to be excused from voting. Aid. Wines moved that we return to the order of business of Ordinances. Adopted. The third readjng ly sectionsof "An Ordinanee Extendiitg the Time ot Operation of the L'i'ovisions of :tn Ördinanee eiitit!ed ;'An Ordinance Relaiive to Gas Works," passed Sept., 2, 1889, and approyed Sept. 4, 1889. After wbich, the ehair tiaving stated the question to be, "Shall this ordinance pass?" The yeas and nays being called, the ordinance passed as follows: Yeas - Aid. Wines, Schairer, Martin, Snow, Ferguson. Taylor, Kitson, rrettyman- S. Nays- None. Council then adjourned. City Clerk


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