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Gibson At The World's Fair

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The Chicago Ilerald of Monday contains the following sketch of the way in which Gibson is taking pietures it the World's Fair: In the morning tliree custard-colored coaches on the Illinois Central roadloaded with bright yonng girls, all decked out in their new spring bonnets, stopped at Sixtieth street. The girls rushed out of the yellow cars and made a bee line for horticultnre hall, where J. J. Gibson has his office. Mr. Gibson is a photographer. He carne from Ann Arbor, Mich., to make pietures of everybody who gets a season pass to the fair. "He has íitted up an oflice upstairs in the north end of horticultura hall. It is f uil of green screens and shades of several hues. The girls made a rush up the stairway. past the gaard with a ferocious mustache, and ran peil niell into the photographer's room. These are the voung women who are to sell Hygeia water uring the Exposition season. Xearly 500 of them will be employed, and tlie ones that carne yesterday were only the iirst brigade. "We want our pietures taken for passes," they shouted in chorus. Mr. Gibbon had two assistants at " l hand. In four bours and a quarter, by the watch, he had photographed 162 girls. "It was pretty lively work," he remarked. '! don't know but it beats the record for fast photography. The assistants were good men, but after all, in such a case, they are not mucli help. 1 could have made all the photographs alone in four boon and a half. ïhere is no such thing as theatrical posing in this work. It is simply a case of some one sitting in a chair and me pressing the button. We will have to do lively work from now on," the photographer added, "to get all these annual pa.sses out. Less than 3,000 have been made to date, and I understand something like 20,000 of theni will be required." After the girls sat for their pictures they scattered in groups and wandered over the grounds to get familiar with the stands where they will sell water during the fair.


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