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BUSY STORE OF Schairer & Miilen. Special Offerings and Bargains for April. ÜFVRI MMEB SlTRS! It's oí within memory when Süks were so numerous or so pretty. Each advancing day brings something new with ü, and our Sük Department grows greater with each addition. We are still undcrselling, as usual. Figured India Silks, light and dark grounds, at - 39c and 45c per yard. Printed China Silks, lovely for waists and dresses, at 50c, 65c and 75c a yard' Surah Silks, rich quality in changeable effects, at - 75c and 85c a yard". Plain India Silks, black, cream and new shades, at - - - coc a yard 32-inch China Silks, cream and light shades, suitable for graduating dresses, best quality, worth $1.00; a bargain at - 85c a yard. 10 pieces Gloria Süks and Lansdowns, a big seller for graduating dresses worth $1.25; a special bargain at - - . $ 1 .00 'a y ard. Black Surah Silks at - - - SOC, 65c, 75c, 85c and $100 a yard Black China Silks at - - - 50c, 75c, 85c and $1.00 a yard. VhlQ Tg O F ÍJ PO SoOOAM ? We are Prepared to show all i Ulb Ib d lidtU DedSOIl the New Desirable StxIes in Bourdons, Applique, Chantilly, Point d'Ireland a"d Oriental. The most complete stock of New Laces in Ann Arbor. TÏ7flQÏÏ ffiTlUTfQ! New Inciia inens at i2c a yard. W tb.OS.1 X IlDiXklO 1 New French Ginghams at 19c a yard. New French Satines at 25c and 35c a yard . New Half Wool Challies at 2oc a yard. New Wool French Challies at 59c a yard, New French Dimitios at iSc a yard. New American Satines at l2jC a yard.. New Figured Swiss Muslins, at 2oc a yard. Lovely Lama Cloths, wool finish at I2j4c a yard. Wash Crepe de Chene in all shades at E39Qd9S I22C a yard. Choice Slyles Dress Prints at 5 cents a yard. ','l New American Dress Ginghams at 8c 'S and loc a yard. . 1 Women's ïïnderwear! Ladies' Silfe Vests, black, cream and cotors, ot 69c. Ladies' Swiss Ribbed Í '■ '.i{: , Vests, alt colors; a big bargain at 19c ; ■ ,.,: - ; V ,'; each. Ladies' Swiss Ribbed Pants at f' ■ SBISji f iSr.ïk 25C' Lilio' Lisie Thread Iloo in MjKMBi 'wSÉÉHT black, cream and tan at 50c a pair. ■■"'..' ri'j ' J O SAN Ladies' Black Satine Skirts at 75c, $1.00 i p Cloak Department ! W P i .V ' r 20 New Spring Capes at $1 .00, $1.25 i .'il [■ " ■■' i ari 75 Elegant Butterfly Capes Ú at $3.50, $4. 50 and $5,50. 50 New . Spring Jackets at $3.75, $4. 50 and $6.00. LADIES, DO YOU WEAR A CORSET WAIST? Then tiy the Ferris ' Iiros , the most perfect fitting waist made, at Jii.oo. TIle R. and G. W. C. C. Corsets at $i.oo are big sellers in our Corset Department. LEADERS OF LOW PRICES.


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