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Cases Tried In The Circuit Court

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The adjourned March term of the circuit court opeued Monday. After the calling of the docket, Judge Kinne issued an order appointing A. J. Sawyer to assist the People in the prosecution of Cliiïord Hand for the Ypsilanti muider. The case of Louis Koepeke vs. the Michigan Central was placed on trial Monday and finished Tuesday, the jury rendering a verdict of $1,000. Roepcke had a leg broken by a log rolling down an embankment, while the Central was building the culvert at Dexter. The case of Cornelia C. White vs. William Kowe, an appeal from Ypsilanti, was tried Tuesday and resulted in a verdict of $30 for the plaintiff. the suit was over a wagon attached by Rowe for a niilk bill and was brought against Rowe for converting it, on the ground that it was exempt property. M. J. Lehman was ippointed to assist in the prosecution of Francis Gould, of York, a case cominenced during Mr. Lehman's incumbeucy of the office of prosecuting attorney. Thursday, the case of Phoebe A. Sawyer vs. Robert T. Brokaw was tried, resulting in a verdict of $345 for the plaintiff, the full amount claimed. The suit was on two notes. The case of Owen McLain vs. Frank Dunlavey, an appeal from Justice Crane's court over a disputed meat bill will be tried today.


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