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Wednesday Night's Storm

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The storm of Wednesday night came near developing into a cyclone out in Webster, where it blew in the windows of Will Boyden's house and laid low many of his fences. In Ann Arbor many timid ones awakened to fear.a regular Ypsilanti visitation, so strong was the wind. In Ypsilanti, of cou'rse, considerable alarm was feit. Here, too, considerable damage was done - not so much by the wind as by the rain. Many roofs in the business part of the city, which were not supposed to have been injured by the cyclone, were found to have been pierced by the fine flying brick, and to leaK badly. Opportunity had not been given to repair many of the roofs known to have been damaged or removed, and consequently more damage was done to the stocks by the rain than had been experienced from the cyclone. At the Scharf tag and box factory all of Wednesday's work was ruined and the entire building was soaked, the men working all night to save what they could. Cook & Brown's and HoĆ­brook's were badly flooded. The roof of the Hajjvkins house let in a good deal of water, and many stores suffered.


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