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White and dazzling In the moon'sfair light she looked. " Nothing remarkable about that! She was fair to look upon, as a matter of course; and the dazzling effect was produced by her white robes - cleansed and brightened by a liberal use of ANIËRiCAN FAMILY SOAP That's one of the peculiarities of KIRK'S Soaps. Cioihes washed by ihem always attract attention by their purity and brightness. JAS. S. KIEK & CO., Chicago Dnsky Diamond Tar Soaps.iï&SiïU Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Street Railway. Time table taking effect Octoberl, 1892. L-ave Ann Arbor f rom Court Home at 7.20, 9.2U. 10.5U a. m., and 1.00, 3.50, 4.20, 5J0, 7.20, 8.50, 10.50 p. m. Leave Tpsilanti at 7.00, 9.00, 10.30, a. m. and 12.40, 2.30, 4.00, 5.30, 7. CO, 8.30, 10.30 p. m. SUNDAY TIME TABLE. Leave Ann Arbor f rom Court House at 2.20 3.50, 5.20, 6.50, 8.20, 9.50, p. m. Leave Ypsilanti at 2.00, 3.30, 5.00, 6.30. 8.00, 9.30, p. m. Cars run nn City Time, twcnty-cUjht m fouter (han Standard Time. Coupon tickets, 15 cents. For sale by conductors. CHEAP HOMES. Ê FarmingLandsin sL ft 3 U 1.6 entl'al Michigan 818 wjwW for sale on easy terms and long time by THS LAND, IM AND TSÏLS CCHFAÏÏ OF MT, PLEASANT, MICHIGAN, HH3BB8B6HHB9H The quiltinp party and the iñ O'liLT MflnFHoutíeTheate]erhoneaand" M (JILI KiHiieDaTls Family Qailting S 15! n uniinn B Machine are modern ne1 IN 3 HuURS. ■ y QuiltlngMaWiiijiiim i " W chine is a new and valuawBrnXaSBaSSGEBBnË ble attactunent for all sewlngmacmnes. lnlaaj (notSor9) can make a ouiltiu Shours; alsoquilt cbildren's cloaks; dressllnlngs, etc. Seud .O( and I will send you a machine by ílrst expresa. Agenta wanted everywbfire. Furcircularsand inll information address HJCNBÏ T. DAVIS, 30 W. Kandolph St., Chícalo KEP0ET OF THE 00NDITI0N ■ OF THE mmïï & isaiss' mi - AT- ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, At the close of business, December 9, 1892. RESOURCES. Loans and disconnts $303,186 38 Stocks. Bonds and Mortgages, etc 117,311 07 Overdrafts 6,12830 Due Jfrom banka in reserve clties 33,995 01 )ue froru other banks and bankers, 14,311 11 Due from Washtenaw Co 31.599 üfl Furniture and üxtures _ 3,000 00 Ourrent expenses and laxes paid 2,336 03 Interest paid 4,74713 Checksand cash items 1,571 71 Nickels and pennies _ 24 21 3old coin 7,58480 Silver coin _ 1,97115 ü.S. and National Bank Not=s 9,599 00 Total .$537,324 99 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in $ S0,00O00 Surplus fund _ 10,000 60 Undivided profits 21,00957 Individual deposite 12R 801 77 Oottiflcates of dopo&it... '253,85951 Savings deposits 75,65414 Total... 537,32499 STATE OF MICHIGAN, ) .„ County of Waahtenaw. (ssI, Frederick H. Belser, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that tbe above statemeni is true to the best of my knowledge nd belief. F. H. Belser, Oashier, I Sllbscribed and sworn to befnre methis 14lh day i of December, 1S92. H. A. Williams, Not.ary Public Correct- Attest . Chas. E. Gkeesf., "i Ambkobe Kearney, VDirectors. Wm. C. Stevens, i GET A TICKET OF W. F. LODHOLS 4 and 6 Broadway and you are antitled to a choiee of the Home Instructor or the Life of General Sherman or the Life of P. T. Baruum (FREE) when cash purchase to the amount of $15 has been made I WE HOME INSTRUCTOR. LAROK OCTAVO. 47S PAGES, ILLUS-i TRATED. A compendium of useful ' ledge necessary for the practical uses of e day Ufe. A complete and perfect guideto Kfe in public and private. THE LIFE AND DEEDS0F W. T SHERMAN. CROWN OCTAVO, 5ti8 PAGES, ILI.VS-' TRATED. A graphic narrativa of hisbovhood aud early life, education. career in florida and California, military achievements. lile as a ' Citizen, last sickness and death; witli fine steel pertrait. THE LIFE OF P. T. BARNUM. THE WORLD RENOWNED SHOWMAN. CROWN OCTAVO ,520 PAGES, ILLVSTRATED. His early life and struggles. bold ventures and brilliant success: his wonderful career, hls wit, genius and eloquence, his life I as a citizen, etc- to which is added his famous book, The Art of Moncu Gettinu I SPRING MILLÏNERY OPENING Beginuing April 12, 13. 11. and 15 MRS, OTTO always has a surprise in store for the Ladies. Attend tlie opening: and examine the pal tem hats and bonnets for ladies and cliildren made l)y the sUillfnl lingera of Miss Eva Hay. a trimmer of seyeral years' experienoe at Detroit, also Torouto. Can., Wholesale Houses. JLiadies, Attend thts sak' and u isfy yoiu-selves inboth style and prJce. IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS. The cream of the country papers is found in Remington's County Seat Lista. Shrewd advertisers avail themselves of these lists, a copy of vrhich can be had of Remington Bros., of New York & Pittsburg.


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