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Her Neighbors Know

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The friends and neighbors of Mrs. Ira Henderson, who resides at Armada, Mich., know all about the matter, and she novv wishes that everybody should know all the facts â– just as they occurred. "For nearly four years,"she says, 'I had suffered. I was so nervous that I could not write or read, could noteven bear ray children's company. I would have such a strange feeling in my head it seemed as if I should lose my mind. "I was very weak and nervous and would get all in a tremble and my heart would beat so hard that it would almost take my life, I would have dizzy spells and what little sleep I would get did me no good. I could not eat anything that tasted right. It did seem as if everything had changed. I wasgreatly depressed and thought if only the Lord would enable me to keep my mind until I could get help. I cloctored for two years without benefit, and then I took Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. I received help right away and I could see that the first bottle was helping me. I cannot be thankful enough. I have recommended it to others and they have been helped by it. "It has also cured my little girl of a nervous trouble. She would get up in her sleep and be out of her head. At such times she would talk strange and it would be some time before she would know where she was. She is all right now and we praise Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy for the cure. "My neighbors and friends know tiow I have suffered from weakness and nervous disease. I have lived liere forty years and am known to all. I do wish I could help every sufferer to a bottle of this wonderful medicine so that all mightbecured." it is by the wide-spread publication of facts like these that the great curative powers of Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy can be made known to every invalid and sufferer in the land. It is true that this medicine performs astonishing cures and all who are ailing should avail themselves of its wonderful powers. Altrost everybody needs a spring medicine and this is the best and surest remedy to put you in perfect health. It is purely vegetable and harmless and is kept by druggists for Si.oo. Physicians and druggists recommend it highly because they have seen it cure numberless sick people and because it is the prescription and discovery of a well-known physician, Dr. Greene, of 35 W. i4th street, New York, the successful specialist in curing nervous and chronic diseases. The doctor can be consulted free, personally or by letter.


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