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THE OLD RELIABLE DRY GOODS HOUSE - Successors to BACH, ABEL & CO. 1 1 ♦ , Silks. We offer the most complete and tempting line of Plain, Printed and Changeable Silk ever brought to our city and at prices that will attract all buyers of fine goods. Dress Goods. All the choice and desirable shadesin Henriettas, Serges, Whip Cords, and novelties in the popular new weave called Hop Sacking. Plaids and Stripes in choice and attractivè styles. Black Dress Goods. We show the largest line of first-class goods, Wool Batiste, Wool Grenadine, Soliel Cords, Henriettas India Twill Serges, Silk Warp Almas, Henriettas, and Glorias and a variety of fancy weaves that will please you. Wash Dress Goods. Onr line embraces all kinds, a few we mention, French Batiste Muil, Satin Stripe Organdíes, French JSlovelty Ginghams, Scotch Zephyr Ginghams, Foile du Nord Ginghams, Pine Apple Tissues, Percales and Wide Foulard Prints. An inspection of this line will inake you buy. Kid Gloves. All of our old reliable make of Kid Gloves in full and complete line of colors and sizes. Our Special Value in Bairritz Gloves, Mosquitaire shape at 90c per pair, sold by other dealers at $1. Our line of Fabric Gloves is complete. Special values at 25 and 50 cents per pair. Make your selections while the line is complete. Hosiery. Our lines of Ladies' Hose at 25 and 50 cents per pair in the Fast Black and Tans are not equalled. Misses Hose, all sizes and qualities in Black, Tan and Red, the best values for the least money. Ladies Jackets and Capes. Our stock is the largest and the goods the finest ever shown in the City. Ladies Black Jackets, all prices from $5.00 to f 10.00. " Colorèd " " " " 5.00 to 9.00. " Black Capes " " " 4.50 to 16.00. ■" Colored " ' " " 5.00 to 17.00. Look them over and if yon are in want, this assortment will furnish the article wanted. Special. Having purchased the interest of the late Eugene B. Abel in our firm, we will continue the business of the Old Reliable Dry Goods House under the firm name oí BACH2& ROATH. We will pay all obligations of the óld ñrm and collect all debts due Bach, Abel & Co. Successors to Bach, Abel & Co., 26 SouttL Main St., - - Ann Arbor, Mich.


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