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Ileury Allmand is now motorneer. Snow covered the ground, Saturday morning. Eugene Mann wil! build a residence n Packard street. Samuel Krause is building a house n West Third street. Ross Granger will open a sunraer chool of dancing at Petoskey. St. Andrew's church was incorported sixty years ago yesterday. A. E. Keith has taken the place of Vrthur Ilenion as mail carrier. Eev. H. L. Willet preaches in the Church of Christ next Sunday. The work of repairing the dam of he Argo mili is slowly progressing. A sewing school for children will meet in the fifth ward engine house. N. J. Kyer is building a residence on :ie corner of William and División treets. ïhere were 1,878 tickets sold on the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti motor line, unday. Alvin Rice, father of Mrs. J. M. tafford, of this city, died last week at Ikron, Ohio. The Odd Fellows will attend the resbyterian church in a body next unday morning. Dr. James C. Wood was so unfortunte, Monday, as to lose a pocket-book ontaining $200. It is stated that Paris Banfield has xcellent prospects of becoming the ew city marshal. The Eberbach Hardware Company re putting down a stone walk on Vashington street. The Sigma Sigma society of the high chool held their annual hop at Graner's hall last Friday evening. An entertainment will be given by he Little Folks of the M. E. church, n the Sunday-school room, at 7:30 this vening. ' Prof. Steere's 500 specimens of Corals frorn the Phillipine Islands will be xhibited at the World's Fair. Rev. Frank J. Van Antwerp will deliver a sermón in St. Patrick's hurch, Northöeld, after high mass next Sunday. Rev. Henry Tatlock preaches in St. .aike's church, Ypsilanti, next Sunday, Rev. Mr. Duff oecupying the pul)it in St. Andrew's. J. R. Bowdish has sold a half interest in his shoe business on State street o E. Matteson. The new firm name s Bowdish & Matteson. Mr. JayTaylor has been engaged by he Republiean Club of Detroit to take the leading tenor part in "Fatinitza," to be given in Detroit, May 4, 5 and 6. Marión Goodale, who has been runïing an oil wagon is to be tried before Justice Pond today for peddling without a license. The license $3 per day. The Aun Arbor Savings Bank are t íiaving their quarters entirely retitted ( this week. Tvvo elegant vaults have { been put in, which are very strong and i secure. Rev. J. T. Sunderland will exchange i pulpits next Sunday with Rev . Caro line J. Bartlett, oí' Kalamazoo, who i will preach at the Unitarian church ■ morning and evening. Franklin Mayer, of Aun Arbor township, has brought suit foiVdivorce against Emma M. Mayer, on the ground of cruelty. Tlie parties have been married three years. A. L. Nowlin will at once rebuild ilie part oí the Hawkins house destroyed by the cyclone, only it will be a three story brick addition and will add a nnmber of rooms to the house. II. W. Robinson has been appointed postmaster at Emory in place of E. E. Leland, resigned. ïhis is the first democratie appointment in Washtenaw ander this administration. The first proceedings of the new council will be found on our eiglith and ninth pages. President Watts makes a dignified presiding offleer and shows a disposition to rush business. 3?The Odd Fellows of the city 1 ally request the attendance of all students belouging to the order, at their meeting Sunday morning in the Presbyterian church. A fire broke Out in one of the rooms of Edward Eberbach on Packard street oecupied by a student, Friday. The i damage amounted to about $25. It is supposed to have been caused by a cigarette. John Crombie, who graduated from the literary department of the Umversity in 1877, is dead. He was principal of the Minneapolis high school and later of the Adelphi Academy, of Brooklyn, N. Y. Deputy-Sheriff Peterson brought Eugene Lampkin to this city f rom Mt. Clemens, Saturday, to answer to the charge of getting goods from Mrs. Susan Lawrence, of Whittaker, under f alse pretences. His examination was adjourned until next Monday. Miss Lucy Anna Parker, daughter of Franklin L. Parker, was married Tuesday to Dr. Gotthelf C. Huber, instructor in histology in the University, Rev. J. M. Gelston officiating. The wedding was a quiet one and the happy couple are the recipients of many congratulations. Cliristian Dieterle, who was tried before Justice Pond, ïuesday, for assault and battery on his wife, was sentenced to sixty-five days in the Detroit House of Correction. He is rather simple-minded but managed to escape and was recaptured by Deputy-SherifE Brenner at Bridgewater Station, Wednesday night, and taken to Detroit. The Odd Fellows of Washtenaw county have changed their 74th anniversary meeting, which was to have been held at Plymouth on April 26, to this city. The change was necessitated by the destruction of the Odd Fellovvs' hall at Plymouth. The program will be carried out as announced. The Plymouth orchestra, composed entirely of Odd Fellows, will furnish the music. O wen Van Buren, of' Dexter, has flled a bilí for divorce from his wife, Lillie E. Van Buren, whom he married in Howell on January 21 last. In his complaint he alleges that they lived together only four days after their marriage and then a month later, they became reconciled, the reconciliation astiDg only three weeks. The ground alleged for the divorce is extreme eruelty. On next Monday evening the Inland league will offer something a little different in the line of subject matter from the usual entertainments. Two talks will be given, oDe by Mr. Mills, on ''The Queen of Fabrics" and one 3y Frank Allmendinger, on "Specula;ive Dealing in Grain." Mr. Allmenïinger's talk will be especially interssting at this particular time, as he srill g-ive his hearers an explanation of liow it is possible for a man like Partridge to drop from five to ten millions af dollars in a few days in wheat deals in which there is really not a bushei of wheat concerned. Mr. Allmendinger has made a caref ui study of the subject and will give people, the majority of whoin have no defiuite or correct ideas of how these great "lotteries" are carried on, aome clear and valuable ideas on the subject. The talk of Mr. Mills is one that will interest the ladies. Admission only ten cen,ts.