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Real Estate Transfers

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Furnished by the Jas. Kearns & Co. Abstract Office. Charles A. Blaess to Geo. E. Apfel, 3x61 rods, block 3 s, range 3 e, Ann Arbor city, $2,500. Chester B. Gregory to Effie M. Witmore, part of lot 385, Norris & Cross' addition, Ypsilanti city, $350. Perrin Brown to Dar win L. Brown, n 30 acres of e i of se e i, sec 36, etc, Ypsilanti, 5,000. Neweomb Brown, by heirs, to Solornon Tate, n i of e i of s w i, sec 22, Bridgewater, $1,100. Mary J. Sloat et al. to Jonah B. Sloat, 10 acres on sec 34, Sharon , $325. Green Johnson to Albert E. Johnson n w i of sec 29, excepting 8 acres Dexter, $3,000. Green Johnson to Fred A. Johnson, s i of the s w i, sec 20, and the si of the w i of the sei, sec 20, Dexter, $2,000. Green Johnson to Chas. A. Johnson, e of the sei and the s e i of the n e , sec 30, Dexter, $3,000. Samuel Antcliff to Christian F. Kapp, Manchester, $200. M. J. Lehman to George and M. A. Shanahan, e of lots 1 and 2, block 6, Jas. II. Congdo.n's 2d addition, D. B. Cowden to Lucy Tubbs, A aere ou sec 11, Scio, 000. Elizabeth Brokaw to A. L. and I. F. Bailey, the n 20 acres of e of s e i, Northfield, $1,000. E. Kempf to Jacob Bolinger, the w j of the n w i of the sw{, sec 33, etc, Lima, $680. Andrew Birk, by executors, to August Birk, part of block 5 s, range 3 e, Ann Arbor city, $900. Sarah A. Spencer et al. to Lesbia E. Trowbridge, lot 1, block 2, Smith's 3d addition to Ann Arbor city, $1,400. A. J. Lucas to J. J. Goodyear, lot 12, block 2 n, range 14 e, Ann Arbor city, $650. Eebecca Terple to J. J. Strang, S acres on the nwj of the s w i, sec 8, Ypsilanti, $2.500. Ilamilton. Kose & Sheehan to Robert Genier, lot 5, block 11, H., K. & S. addition, Ann Arbor city, $240. J. C. and A. A. Schryver to Sarah M. Stoneman, Ann Arbor city, $7ö0. August Mayer, by adrn., to Geo. Webber, 15 acres on the s w i oí the n e i, sec 29, Lodi, $.697.50.