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L Can be counted t, - U on to cure CaJ" ...

L Can be counted t, - U on to cure CaJ" ... image
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L Can be counted t, - U on to cure CaJ" "? tarrh- Dr. Sage's tVv. Catarrh Remedy. rTTZA Yr -A' For y631"3 " I yvf ,1 .íí-,wí has been doing W-r that very thing I 'íjjl M EÍT! i It gives prompt ' ancl complete rejjef - but you want more thau that. And you got it, ivith this Remedy- there's a cure that is perfect and permanent. The worst chronic cases, no matter of how lon standing, yield to its mild, soothing, cleansint; and healíng proporties. " Cold in the Head " needs but a few applications. Catarrhal be, and all tïw troubles that come from Catarrh, are at once relieved and cured. You can count on something else, too - $500 iu oash. You can count on it, but it's more than doubtful whei.lier you earn it. Tbe proprietors of Dr. Sage's Reniedy, in good faith, offer that amount for an incurable case of Catarrh. Don't think that you have one, though. They'll pay you, if they can't cure you. That's certam. But they can cure you. That's just about as certain, too. Can you ask more ?


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