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A Terrible Threat

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A janitor in a blue shirt was cleaning the windows of a bank at Broadway and Park place the other day a f ter offici honra, when a tramp came along, who after pying lüm a few moments with envy. yelled to him: "Helio, there, you chap in the bank can't you throw a fellow out a littlí money? I'm clean broke, and almost anything would be welcome." The janitor went on cleaning the Windows. He heard what the tramp said, but wouldn't admit it. The tramp pansed a few moments and then yelled: "Come, now, don't be ahog. There must be a millioa dollars in there, and all you've got to do is to chuck a bundie of it out. Are you going to de it or aren't you?'' Still no response. The tramp began to chafe under the galling hauteur with which he was being treated. "If you don't give me some of that money, I'll start a report that the bank's introuble," he yelled. "If ever there was a first rate hog, it's you." After 10 minutes had elapsed and no one had taken the least notice of the tramp he began to walk slowly away. As he reached the gutter he turned round, shook his fist at the window cleaner and muttered: "When the commune ís floelared, any one who wants money iü ouly have to walk into a bank and ask for it. I'll be there, my beauty, when the day comes, and I'll point you out to the fellow citizens as an insolent and bloated symbol of wealth. You just wait, my friend, till the cali to arms is sounded, and you'll flnd me right on the spot ready to teil what I know abont the enemies of the


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