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They Did Not Go To Sleep

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"lhe ïtmcrary of a Methodist minister may have its unpleasant features," remarked a well known divine to a newspaper man yesterday, "but it has its advantages too. 'There is one little dried up Sootchman who used to be on the southern Ohio conference list wlio never failed to get even with lus congregation. At one station he fared badly, and on the last evening he addressed the clmrch he began, as all settled back to listen with ease: " 'Now, brethren,' he said, 'it is not fair to go asleep as ye always ha' done until I get alang wi' my sermón. This is my last one - so wait a wee till I get alang, and then if I'm nat worth hearing sleep í.wa' wi' ye, and I will not care, but dinnat go before I ha' commenced. Gi' me this one chance!' "And they were all pretty well awake by that time, so he went on: " 'I shall take for my last text amang yo the two strong words ' 'Know thyself," but I will say before I begin ilio raain discourse that I would nat advise this congregation to make mauy such profitless acquaintances!' "You may believe that there was not a snore or a nod in the house that


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