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Work Of Wild Winds

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Detroit, April 17. - Reports from different seetious of Michigan show that the storm of Wednesday night prevailed over the southern portion of the state, leaving deslruction and death in its wake. It was most severe in the southeastern portion, where most of the damage was done and severa! lives lost. The principal towns to suffer from the storm were Ypsilanti, whose business section was almost entirely destroyed: Rea, where many buildings were wrecked, Mrs. Jacob Hiser killed and her husband fatally injured: Clarksville, at which place one house was blown down and au unknowu woman killed; and Royal 0&k, where Thomas Bryant aad his wife wera burned to death in the ruins of their home and several others injured. As far as can be learned this is the total number of casualties. Crops of all kinds sufrered considerably; hundreds of acres of orchards were destroyed, farmhouses, barns and outbuilding-s were demolished or badly damaged; fences, telegraphic and electric lig-ht wires were broken down and trees uprooted. Many head of stock were killed. Losses at Ypsilanti. Yrsu.AXTi, April 17. - The damage to properfy from the cyclone "Wednesday night is now estimated at from $200.000 00,000. l'ortunately no person was killed, and of those injured none will die. The strip of buildings leveled by the storm is in the very heart of the city. Two manufacturing establishrnents are crippled. Almost all of the principal business blocks. stores, the opera house, post office, hotels and several dwellings were eitber demolished or badly damaged. Houses were lifted from their foimdations, bnildinffs were unroofed and walls tuinbled mto the streets a mass of ruins. In some places the debris is piled 15 feet high. All the eleetric lig-ht and other wires were blovvn down and Thursday night the city was in darkness. ïhe heavy rain whieh followed the storm added largely to the damage of the stocks of goods left exposed in the wrecked stores. The principal losses are: Cleary business college, partially destroyed, loss $25,000: opera house, owned by S. Draper, only front wall left standing, damaged S18,000; Hawkins house, partially collapsed, 115,000: Curtis earriage fnctory. complete ruin, 120,000; Union blnck, slightly d-.imaged: VV. W. Worden, palnts and oils, 41,000; E. C. Dolson, owner four new brick blocks. $4,000: Scharf tag and label and box factory, $3,000: Laibel block, tö.OOO; George Norman, owner Occidental hotel and Arcade bloei;, ?4,0UO; J. L. Hunter lost a barn. to horses and many sheep, 12,000; Stephen A. Deniker, residenee. $4,000. Somewhere near 150 dwellings and barr.3 were destroyed. on whlch the loss is estlmated at $30,000. Twenty-Five Houses Kulned. Dcsdee, April 17.- A terrible cyclone passed over this town and vicinity Wednesday evening at 7:15. doing much damage. Four miles west oí here it struck the village of Eea, in this (Monroe) county, took the top off the Methodist Episcopal church and unrooied over a dozen houses. It gtruck house of Jacob Híser, a farmer, killing his wife and fatally njuring him. The remains of the Hiser building took fire and a hard flght hud to be made to save the rest of the village. Mrs. H. P. Cran had a leg broken by the falling timbers of her house and several others were badly hurt Farmers suilered severe losses in cattle and horses killed by falling timbers. ïhe store of A. B. Overmier is a total wreek, and the post office and srocery store of Edward L. Moore was completely wreeked. Altogether, twenty-flve houses and thlrty barns were totally destroyed In this section. Hasband and Wlfe Perish. Royal Oak. April 17.- A most destructivi tornado swept over thïs township Wednesday evenin?. The storm came from the southwest and just grazed the village proper. Nearly everythingin 'its path was leveled to the earth. To the southwest a fire soon starled and a few minutes later another blaze was seen just to the north of the villapre. The Hret Hrewasthatof the residence of Christtao Brlck, on the town line road. The house was torn to pieces and the wreek took fire. Mr. and Mrs. Brick arri their three chüdren were in the house at tüe time. Th8 children'.' themselvee, bm Mr. und Mrs. Brick were burued to death. Word comes of another demolished farmhouse slill further away, wherein the man and wlfe were seriou.sly injured. Dellnite intormation is lackinx. Entering the edge of this village the tornado wrecked the residenees of David Evans, Andrew Campbell and Jolin McClure. Numeruus barn were a'.so wrecked. All the intnates of the residences which were destroyed escaped with bad hruineft.