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Lansixg. April 11.- The house comraittee on the university reported favorably on a bilí to erect a woman's gymnasium at Ann Arbor. Tlie appropriation for the Kalamazoo asylum for the insane was placed at 512,000 by the ways and means committee. A concurrent resolution was passed providing for the payment by the state of the expenses of the trip of the legislators to Chicago to attend the ceremonies of the dedication of the Michigan building at Jackson park. The senate passed a bilí empowering ratlroad companies whose roads are In the upper península to sell their property and frauchises to any other company; also the bül providing for the appointinent of a separate board of trustees for the industrial home for boys. The Barnard bill ereatuig a state board of examiners for would-be attorneyswas reported adversely and killed. Lan-sing, April 14.- The standing house committee on the agricultural college has asked for the appointment of a special joint committee to make a rigid investigation of the aflairs of the college, covering its policy, course of study, conduct and general management The work on the appropriation bilis was taken up in the house again Thursday morning. Ia committee of the whole bilis were passed appropriating $79,432 for the industrial home for girls, 133,500 for three detached cottages at the eastern asylum for the insane, and $109,500 for the school for the deaf. All atter the enacting clause was stricken out of the bill providing for three state normal schools at a total cost of $75,000. The bill appropriating 8105,000 for the mining school was passed on the order of third reading of bilis, as was also the bill appropriating $48,000 for the curren t expenses of the school for the blind and the bill appropriating $105,000 for the construction and one year's maintenance of an additional asylum for the insane in the upper península. Since Wednesday morning bilis appropriating a total of $650,000 have been agreed to by the house. In the senate a favorable report was made on the bill prohibiting foreign flre insurance companies authori.ed to do business in Michigan to place insurance on Michigan property in offices in other states. The senate refused to give immediate effect to the McLaughlin bill prohibiting the incarceration of federal prisoners from other states "in the prisons of this state, and the. act will not take effect until ninety days after final adjournment of the le;islature. Lansing, April 15.- The house defeated the Sumner bill, which proposed tobase thespecííic tax upon the business of the life insurance companies upon the net premiums after deducting death losses, instead of upon the gross premiums as now. Another bill passed was one to prohibí t life insurance companies from discriminating agalnst colored persons in the matter of insurance. A bill was defeated in the house which abolished days of grace on commercial paper. The house was occupied nearly the entire day in passing appropriation bilis for the support of state ingtitutions. The senate defeated a bill providing for the incorporation of lodges of loyal orangemen after a very warm partisan debate. Mr. Turnbull offered an amendment, which was also defeated, that the teachings of the order should not incite feelings of prejudice against any citizen on account of hls religious belief.


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