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BUSINESS DIRECTORY" J) A. MAC IiACHLAN, M. D. 0868 Of tho BY15, EAU, ÍÍÜSE and THE.OV I' r,c n TXangst . l!;-Ulenco 2fi S. Divi.n .Stieet. Hours: 1 to 5 and (5:3O to 7:3O o. m. EIiIHTT B. FOINTX), J Ü3TIC1C OF THE PjSAOE And Notarr Public. Convej-anelng done anri UEAL KSTATE bought and 8j!ü on commi-. iion. Patronage soliciten . No. G N. Main si ATTORNEYS. 0. CRAMEIÏ. s, CRAMKH. CRAMEE & CRAMEIi, ATTOBSfEYS AT I.AW. li:;e Pronf room over First National Bank ANN ARBOIt, MK il. I!. NOKK1S Attokney at Law. ftooa general lawooUeotionand coaveyaneg business. A moderate shareoï yurpatmago rospectfuUy solieited. üftiee in tho k)urt House. K. vi'iLUAMS, AttornoT at L&v and Pension Cliim Attornar, MILAN, MICH. Conveyanoing and Collections. DENTISTS. I" OÜIS P. HALL, DEJSTIST. Oflicc South State Street. Over Sheehan Book Store. Hours 9 a. m. tol2and2 p. m. toSp.m. yr w. NICH0LS D. D., DENTIST. Ia the oíd St. Jamos Hotel Blook. Teeth extracted without puin the use of vitalizad air. A C.NICHOLS. DENTIST Late of Nichols Bros. Over Adams's Bazaar No. 13 South Main Street. [y g. Burrs, [USTICEOF THE PEACE. Itpal Estáte aud Collection Ag-ent. Offick: In Maeonie Block. R. A .M .FLYNN, 0PFIC15, No. 3 East Hnron SI rept. HBSIDENCE, No. 9 North Kirsl Street. Hours- 9 to 1O:3O a. m. 1 to 3 p. m. 6;3O to 7:3O p. m. TONY SCHIAPPACASSt, NO. 5. N. MAIN STEET. FEUITS, NUTS and OOÏTFEOTIONEEY TOBACCOS AND CIGARS, Oysters ar.d all kiuds of fruit AiWATS OTST HAITD. MARTIN & FISCHER. PROPRIETOR8 O? TUK WESTERN BBEWERY, ANN ARBOR, MICHBrewers of Pure Lasrer Beer. CLEVELAND and HARBISON OF SAME OPINIÓN HiuttheE.L O'CONNoa CO. can make the lame, with short legs, from 2 to 10 inehes, look like otherpeople; wear shoes alike. No.clumsy cork or iron. Send for price. 167-169 Wabash Avenue Cnic.v III. M. P. VOGEL. DSALKR IN Ffo.sU, SUlt an:l Smoliöi Ijat.s And game inseason. ïcli All persons wishing to order pure and clear ice sliould order it of J. ANDRÉS Box 1110, Ann Arbor. Orders b}7 postal card promptly attended to. Seton Hall College. CATHOLIC. South Orange Tiew Jersey. Unsurpassod for hcaltlifulness Oí location clogance ol' buildings, general equlpment and excellence of instruetlon. FOUNDED 1856. Scnd lor prospectus and book of photographlc views. REV. WM, F. MARSHALL, President. VIVE. HBEZ, NO. 4 W. WASUINGTON ST. doifSï, SlG, ONAMENAL AND FRESCO PaIHTER, (rilling, ealcimining', glazlng and papor hang Ing. ALlworkis done in the best style and warrantod to give satisfaotion. l'. C. Soott, dealer in Kelleylsland au. 1 White Lime, Hair, Caleined Planter, Louisville aud t'ortfand Cements. Office and Ware Uooms n the Finnegan Block, Detroit Slreet, Ann Arbor. Jfote.- We are the nnly ilnn thal liaiulles the genuiue Kolley Island Lime ui t'.iis cily.


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