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Travels Of A Testament

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The South Lyon Picket contains the following concerning a testament in the possession oí Col. Henry S. Dean : Kev. S. Calkins showed us a statement recently, from Col. Henry S. Deau, of Ann Arbor, ex-Commander of the G. A. E. of Michigan. We publish it below, and it is a source of much gratification to the eider to think that an act of his, although apparently merely á trine, should in after years be so forcibly brought to his mind. It is as follows: In 1843, Rev. S. Calkins, tb en a tearcher in the Sunday school at South Lyon, gave me a prize for repsating a chapter in the New Testament, a small Testament, which has accompanied me in all my ourneyinsrs. Around Cape Horn, fiom San Francisco to New York, via. Panama; three years during the war, and across the continent and back by rail; in fact, the Testament goes wherever I go.


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