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Fruit Prospects In Washtenaw

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Jacob Gaiizhom, of this city, thus writes the Michigan state erop reporter: The outlook for all kinds of fruit in this vicinity is good. The winter, it appears, has damaged nothing. The fact that the winter has beeii a steady cold one, leaves the hope and belief that there will be no late spring frosts to damage fruits after having started to grow. It is possible, however, that in the apple erop we may be disappointed. The foliage of the trees was very badly affected early in the season last year, and it required nearly all of the balance of the growing season to overeóme the damage and produce a a full coat of new foliage. Whether the trees could develop blossom buds to be vigorous enough to make a good erop of apples this season, remains to beseen. ïlie month of June will decide. The prospect for a full erop of peaches could not be better. The orchards all around are uniformly free from winter injury. It is not known that spring frosts have ever destroyed this fruit in this vicinity. The trees suffered badly last year from the curl leaf early in the season, but as the fruit buds are not developed until the latter end of the growing season there is no f ear on that account for the erop this year. Pears, plums, cherries, quinces, grapes, raspberries and blackberries promise well. The growing season in the latter end of last year was very dry and this checked the growth of the strawberry plants and this fruit, for that reasou, does not promise so well as all othersmall fruits.


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