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A Pure Food Bill

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'A bilĂ­ for the preservation of the public health, and to provide against fraud and adulteration in :ood, drink and drugs," has been introduced in the Legislature at Lansing, by Mr. Newkirk. This Dill is intended to prevent the adulteration of food and drink, and should it become a law, would no doubt go a great way toward protecting the public against the manufacturers of Alura and Ammonia baking powders. The leading medical authorities everywhere condemn the use of Alum in baking powders. The Chicago Tribune, referring to the question of legislation on Alum and Ammonia baking powders, says: "It deals in a direct 'manner with an evil that must be cut down. " Following is a partial list of the ames of the brands sold in this tate that have been examined and ound to contain either Alum or mmonia. Many of the Alum and mmonia powders are labeled and dvertised as "absolutely pure" in rder to mislead the public: "Kenton," "Calumet," "Chicago Yeast," "Grant's Bon Bon," "Hotel," "Forest City," "Silver Star," "Monarch," "Rocke," "Unrivaled," "Home," "Perfection," "Town Talk," "Loyal," "Snow Ball," "Climax," "White Cross," "Western Prince," "Crown," "ImDerial." "FosFon." In addition to the above list there s a multitude of brands sold with a prize. It is safe to reject all )aking powders sold with a prize, as the tests show they are composed argely of Aluna and cost but a few cents a pound. Also refuse any jaking powder sold for twenty-five cents a pound, or less; it is sure to contain Alum. Surely nothing but their cheapness could induce the public to experiment with unwholesome Daking powders, at the risk of lealth. Aside from the question of health or wholesomeness, and viewed from the standpoint of economy alone, a pure grape cream of tartar baking powder like "Dr. Price's" from its greater known strength and unquestioned purity will prove more economical to the


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